What is happiness and how do we experience more?

What is happiness and how do we experience more?

Happiness means different things to different people. Happiness is not surface pleasure, it’s not being in a state of ecstasy and it’s not forcing yourself to be positive when everything’s not okay. In this short film I talk about what real happiness is, how positive psychology is revealing what we can do to be happier and how I can help you bring more joy and contentment into your lives, while reducing your stress and building your resilience to deal with life’s curveballs. Take a look… If you’d rather read that watch or listen, there’s a transcript at the bottom of the page.


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Hi, my name is Gabrielle and I want to take just a couple of minutes to talk to you about happiness. Real happiness. Not feeling permanently ecstatic. Not pretending everything’s great when it isn’t. That’s not true happiness.

Real happiness is the bone-deep contentment and joy you feel when you appreciate the world around you, when the work you do has meaning and purpose, when you connect with others, when you take care of yourself, when you make time for fun and creativity and when you savour and treasure those ordinary but valuable moments. This is the real stuff of life.

The world of positive psychology is relatively new but so much research has already been done to discover what we can each do to increase our happiness.

Only part of how happy we are is down to genetics or circumstance. Each one of us has the ability and the power to live the joyful lives we want. Through simple, proven, doable actions, you and I can find more joy and contentment as we go about our everyday lives. And by being happier ourselves we enable those around use to feel more joy too because happiness really is contagious, it’s been scientifically proven!

It’s a matter of learning what effects how happy we feel and what we can do to increase it, and then doing it, taking those steps to feel more joy.

I’ve experienced anxiety all of my life and I’ve spent several years researching positive psychology, exploring and experimenting with myself to find how to deal with my anxiety, how to build my resilience and how to live with more peace, contentment and joy.

Through this work I’ve discovered the practical, sustainable steps we can all take to improve our quality of life. This isn’t about doing five things and boom, you’re happy and everything’s perfect. Happiness isn’t a goal or a target to reach. It’s a way of living and ultimately it’s up to you to create the happy life you want. If you’re ready to take this step, I can help you.

I’ve created a roadmap that gives you the information, the inspiration, and the practical, sustainable actions to build your resilience, to reduce your stress levels and to bring more happiness and contentment into your everyday life. Everything I teach in the Choosing Happiness e-course is inspired by and created from positive psychology research and my own experiences applying this research to myself. What I teach is practical, applicable, realistic and doable. You absolutely have the power within you to feel more joy each day and to live the happier life that you want.

Choosing Happiness is an online course so you can take it from wherever you are in the world. The course content is emailed to you and you have the option to listen rather than read the content if that suits you better.

If you’re ready to bring more joy and contentment into your life, discover how Choosing Happiness will enable you to do just that by going to bashful-cows.flywheelsites.com now. I would love for you to join me in choosing happiness today.

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