The 1% Wellness Experiment

Micro-gains to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day

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You don't need to devote hours to work on your wellbeing: you can improve your life by taking just 1% of your day to focus on your mental and emotional health.

There are 1440 minutes in every 24 hours. Subtract the optimal 8 hours’ sleep and 1% of your waking hours is just under 10 minutes.

Using the concept of marginal or micro-gains – tiny changes that add up to a big impact – this book invites you to enter into a month-long experiment with yourself:

Use 1% of each day for one month to experiment with a range of actions to improve your mental and emotional health.

Actions include establishing boundaries and saying no, overcoming comparison and handling anxiety, dealing with perfectionism, people-pleasing and creating habits. They are designed to improve your mood and increase your happiness without, crucially, taking up your valuable time.

By the end of the experiment you will have created your own bespoke tried-and-tested toolkit packed with techniques to lower your stress, strengthen your self-confidence, nurture your connections, instil calm and increase joy.

Pre-orders really make a difference to how a book is found by readers after the publication date. Bookshops are tight on shelf space and so the more pre-orders a book has the more likely a bookshop is to stock it because they see there are people interested in it.

Yes, of course my ego would love to walk into bookshops and see my book on a shelf! But, aside from my own pride I also know The 1% Wellness Experiment will have a real, positive and meaningful impact on anyone who reads it (plus the people around them because our own wellbeing ripples out to our loved ones, colleagues and communities) so I really want it to be available as widely as possible so that anyone who could benefit from the book can find it.

So, if you plan to buy The 1% Wellness Experiment I’d love you to consider pre-ordering rather than waiting until after publication day. You won’t be charged until it’s posted and hitting the pre-order button is an act of support.


Get two bonuses when you pre-order
The 1% Wellness Experiment

As a thank you for pre-ordering The 1% Wellness Experiment you can get two bonuses, both exclusively available to those who order the book before publication day.

Bonus 1:

1 minute magic pdfs
1 Minute Magic –
50 micro actions to calm and soothe, resource and regulate.

This guide includes 50 small but mighty actions to de-stress your mind and body which take just 60 seconds or less. You’ll be emailed the 1 Minute Magic PDF guide on book publication day.

Bonus 2:

gabrielle treanor drinkig tea at her desk 2
coaching session

Everyone who pre-orders has the chance to win one of three 45mins one-to-one coaching sessions with me! We can talk about what’s getting in the way of your calm and how you can feel begin to feel more joy straight away. You’ll be surprised at what a difference 45mins can make.

How to get your bonuses

To get the 1 Minute Magic guide AND have a chance of winning a coaching session with me here’s what you need to do:

  • Fill in the form below
  • Attach a pic of your book pre-order receipt
  • Wait for your book and bonus to arrive on 21 December!

These bonuses are only available to those pre-ordering The 1% Wellness Experiment and they won’t be available after 21 December 2023 when the book is published.

Bonus Form

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The bonuses are available to anyone who pre-orders The 1% Wellness Experiment and sends proof of purchase via the above form or emailed to [email protected] before 11.59pm on 20 December 2023. The 1 Minute Magic PDF guide will be emailed to everyone on 21 December 2023. The three winners of a 45mins coaching session (one session per person) will be chosen at random and notified by email on 21 December 2023. The coaching session needs to be scheduled and take place on the phone or Zoom by 30 May 2024. There is no cash alternative to these prizes.

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