For coaches, wellbeing practitioners and people who support other people

What is supervision?

Supervision is for people who work with other people to support them, and by doing so, their wellbeing.

You could be a coach, a wellbeing practitioner or someone who manages a team doing this work. You may run your own business, be employed by an organisation such as a charity, or do both.

You could be a nutritionist, a business coach, a personal trainer, a holistic therapist, a team leader… if your work, with individuals or in groups or teams, involves other people's feelings, this is for you.

Because if you're holding space for others as they make challenging changes, navigate transitional spaces and experience growth (with ALL the complexities that entails) it’s important, vital even, that you have a place you can go to feel held yourself.


A judgement-free space with someone – your supervisor – you can speak honestly and freely with, who you can share what’s coming up for you as you do this demanding work.

In one-to-one supervision you can reflect on what feels challenging whether it’s personal, with clients, in your workplace, with colleagues or management, in a confidential space.

You have the freedom to share your frustration, doubts and fears, the space to exhale, reflect and make plans to move forward and the opportunity to celebrate your successes, growth and yourself!

All of this, all of you, is welcome in supervision with me as your supervisor.

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What supervision is not

Supervision is something of a misnomer as it can be easily misunderstood. It's not checking up on you, it's not monitoring or assessing you to see if you're doing it 'right'. 

It's not 'managing' you, I don't tell you how to act or what you should do (the sh- word never comes out of my mouth!). It's not prescriptive or restrictive, there's no scrutinising or judging.

Supervision supports you to:

  • Feel confident in your coaching, practitioner or leading skills and your space holding

  • Create, communicate and honour your professional (and personal) boundaries

  • Manage your time and energy

  • Feel less exhausted or prone to overwhelm or burnout

  • Be your empathetic, caring self without being overwhelmed by your kind-hearted qualities

  • Stay within your scope of person-centred practice

  • Strengthen your self-belief

  • Have a greater life/work balance

Supervision is invaluable to your personal and professional wellbeing. To do your powerful work of supporting others, to feel assured of your ethical safety, to experience fulfilment and joy, to thrive in your business, work and life, you need support yourself.

“Gabrielle holds space exquisitely, there’s a gentleness that is powerful, it’s a way of saying she’s got you. You feel accepted, seen, she shares her safety with you.”

– Sarah

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Hi, I’m Gabrielle

I’m a certified coach and for several years I’ve been supporting women juggling their desire to make a difference and help others, with their own needs around their energy, time and boundaries. They are caring, empathetic, big-hearted women who give their all while sometimes struggling to believe it’s enough.

I work with my local mental health charity supporting people in my community experiencing mental health challenges. And I also work with women in training to become life coaches.

I understand first hand the value of having a safe, confidential, one-to-one space to offload, process and talk through everything that comes up when doing this person-centred work. My roles give me invaluable insight and experience of supporting clients directly and those who are doing the supporting.

If you work with people navigating challenging situations, experiencing change or strong feelings…

  • Do you wonder if you’re doing a good enough job?

  • Can you feel emotionally overloaded at times?

  • Do you feel weighed down by the responsibility of your role?

  • Are there times when you feel boundaries are blurred or you work outside of your scope of practice?

  • Do you wonder if paying clients feel it’s worth their investment?

  • Do you feel a need for them to be making progress?

  • Are you unsure how to deal with client lateness, cancellations or upholding your contract terms (perhaps how to contract)?

  • Are you feeling a responsibility to fix or rescue a client?

If you answered yes to any of these OR you don't want to answer yes to these in the future you will get benefit and value from supervision.

“Gabrielle has a gentle calm that is deeply reassuring, there’s a feeling she could hold anything. It’s very lovely and gently powerful. She has a stillness, a bit like coming across a beautiful pool in a clearing in the woods with its own stillness.”

- Ondine.

Supervision for you

One-to-one supervision sessions, where we dive deep into what matters to you, are one hour long (four-weekly) and priced £110 per session. If you’re interested in supervision book a free discovery call to chat about it below.

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About Gabrielle Treanor

Gabrielle is an internationally certified life and positive psychology coach, and late-diagnosed with ADHD. She supports women (with or without ADHD) to free themselves from overthinking, overdoing overwhelm. To deal with their people-pleasing and perfectionism, to honour their boundaries and say no without feeling guilty, and to accept themselves for the quiet, sensitive, beautiful soul they are, feeling more calm, peace and joy each day.

For several years she has worked one-to-one with clients, created and taught online courses and workshops to individuals, groups and organisations, she’s a guest speaker and writes on wellbeing topics for a variety of publications.

Gabrielle has been featured in Psychologies, Red, The Simple Things, and The Happy News among others. Her first book, The 1% Wellness Experiment, was published by Welbeck (Hachette) in December 2023 and her podcast, Pressing Pause, has been running for six years. She has regular supervision and is currently studying a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.