Worry Less
& Enjoy Life More

Gabrielle Treanor

Overworrying is taking away your joy

When you’re worrying you aren’t really here. You’re in yesterday, wondering what you could have done differently, second guessing what other people’s words, glances and body language meant.

You’re in tomorrow, imagining scenarios for events and conversations that have yet to take place, guessing what could go wrong, how you could mess up, how stressed you could feel.

You’re living in your head, starting thoughts with ‘What if…’

While an element of worry is healthy in our lives, it keeps us safe, when worry turns into overthinking, brooding and ruminating it gets in the way of experiencing ease, contentment and joy in everyday life.

You're not alone, I know what it's like to go through life feeling this way and I know how hard it can feel to make a change.

It doesn’t need to be this way

I'm here to tell you it's entirely possible. You can – really, you can – spend less time overthinking, overworrying, living in your head, imagining a million scenarios, and more time enjoying your life as it is right now.

There are proven steps you can take (backed up by scientific research so you know it's not hooey) that don’t involve making huge, radical life changes, and which you can put into action straight away to make worrying a healthy, unobtrusive part of your life and to start enjoying your life more now.

This is what I have to share with you. Pull up a chair, get comfy and let me help you to worry less and enjoy life more.

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Ready to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your everyday life? Here’s how I can help

“Gabrielle has impacted my life in such a positive way, from her brilliant courses, to simply being a great example of living a connected, conscious and contented life and much more in between. What makes Gabrielle truly unique is her kind manner and a way with words that acknowledges feelings without adding to worry, and instead encouraging you to find the best in a situation, and delighting with you when you do.”
– Amanda

Gabrielle Treanor


I’m honoured to have been invited to conversations on a variety of inspiring and insightful podcasts

I’m Gabrielle and I’m a writer, teacher and worry specialist, and I'm here to help you free yourself from the burden of overthinking and overworrying. So many of us feel weighed down by everyday worries which get in the way of us feeling the joy, ease and contentment we really want.
Here I share with you how you can worry less and enjoy life more.