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Hi, I'm Gabrielle

I help overthinking, overdoing women who always put everyone else first and themselves last. They've had enough of feeling stressed, exhausted, unappreciated, resentful and guilty for feeling that way.

I help you feel like you can breathe again, to get back your spark, to have time and space, healthier relationships and more fun. I create a compassionate, non-judgemental space (as described by my clients) to gently explore what’s keeping you stuck in this place and how to move forward, along with practical tools and actions to live the calmer, happier, more peaceful life you dream of.

"Gabrielle holds space exquisitely, there’s a gentleness that is powerful, it’s a way of saying she’s got you. You feel accepted, seen, she shares her safety with you."
– Sarah

My journey

I spent most of my life trying to be the good girl who did what everyone else needed or expected, as well as what I thought everyone else needed or expected. I was scared to make a mistake or to fail, fearful of disappointing anyone or for them to think badly of me. I believed I needed to make other people happy, to keep the peace, to not do anything that could possibly cause upset or displeasure.

Eventually I realised that thinking and living this way is unsustainable, it’s exhausting and overwhelming. I had to learn that I’m good enough and worthy of respect, love and kindness just as I am, that I’m not responsible for everyone else’s happiness, that I’m allowed to say and do what I need, to mess up and make my choices and that doesn’t make me a bad person.

I used to think my introversion, empathy and sensitivity were weaknesses that needed to be overcome, that I should be more outgoing, less emotional and tougher. But now I know how to work with these gifts, how they empower me to be the understanding, non-judgemental, calm and caring woman and coach I am today.


What else?

• My first book, The 1% Wellness Experiment, was published December 2023
• I'm British but happened to have been born in the United States
• I’ve lived in Maryland and Pittsburgh in the US, and Southampton, Leicester, Manchester, Oxford, London, Dorking and now the Brecon Beacons in Wales, UK with my husband and little rescue pup
• My top strength is Perspective and my number one core value is Compassion
• I’m sensitive, an introvert, highly empathetic, an Obliger and an INFJ
• I've been volunteering at my local Trussell Trust food bank since 2016
• I can fingerspell and know a few words/phrases in British Sign Language
• I had a corporate life in youth publishing for 15 years and for several years I was a small creative business owner designing, manufacturing and selling stationery products  (named it after my favourite fiction book – Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery) 
• I can’t bear cauliflower but love peanut butter and jam sandwiches
• I’m spookily good at remembering numbers but rubbish at remembering what I went upstairs for
• My idea of heaven is spending the day curled up reading a book with a cup of tea and my pup
• I don't like scary movies or gritty TV dramas but I'm a sucker for a quality rom-com
• My pronouns are she/her, I’m an LGBTQ+ ally, actively anti-racist and always open and willing to learn

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What makes me happy...

…reading for hours … walks in the woods with my husband and pup … hearing my nieces and nephews laugh … tea and cake … starting a new notebook … sharing a meal with friends … pottering around my veg beds … singing and dancing along to cheesy pop songs very loudly … the smell of freesias … Italy … feeling the sun on my face…

My training...

I'm a certified life and positive psychology coach having studied life coaching with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute. I have also studied mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University and I’ve completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education Program with the Neuroscience Academy. I am currently studying a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

As a lifelong learner with an endless curiosity I'm committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

"I can’t thank you enough for the difference your course has made to my life already and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface so far. Lots of people around me have been noticing the change in me. For the first time in a long while I’m feeling optimistic for the future."
– Beverley Dent

I see you

The women I work with want to stop feeling so rushed and under pressure to do and be what everyone else needs and expects. They want time and spaciousness in their day, to feel relaxed and peaceful, to feel more confident in themselves and less stressed about what other people think, and they want to have time to do the things that make them happy, without feeling guilty about it.

You want to…

  • do what feels good for you without feeling guilty about it

  • feel confident saying no and honouring your boundaries

  • make your own choices instead of feeling you have to do what others expect

  • have stronger relationships and feel more connected to those you care about

  • feel better able to cope with challenges and curveballs

  • connect to your intuition and trust yourself more

  • feel more confident in speaking up for what you need and want

  • rest and recharge without guilt or the fear of judgement

  • feel more calm, peace, ease and joy in every day of your life

"Gabrielle has the innate ability to listen with a tone and a quality that is so focused and so interested that you, as the person on the receiving end of it, feel really seen and safe."
– Karen

Always waiting

So many of us wait for someone else to take things off our plate, to tell us we don’t need to do so much or that we’re allowed to take a break, to give us back our time. We think we need external permission to say no or to do what we want. We drop hints in the hope someone will notice how much we do and the toll that’s taking, and then we feel taken for granted when this doesn’t happen.

Or we think we’re the only person who can do something the right way or for it to be done properly we may as well do it ourselves. At the same time we resent having to do it, feeling like all the responsibility and pressure is on us, and because we take it all on ourselves people stop offering which makes us more resentful, more tired… and on the cycle goes.

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It makes sense you feel this way

It's important to recognise how society and your upbringing has taught you what it means to be a good girl, how that has impacted the way you think about yourself and how you behave. And to acknowledge your responsibility in challenging this conditioning and taking action to live in a way that feels sustainable, authentic and joyful for you.

There’s a ripple effect to what we do and how we are in the world. We learn from the people around us, watching what they do and how they behave, so the more we show respect and loving for ourselves, the more we speak up for what we want and need all the while being kind and caring to others, the more it shows the women around us and future generations they can live the calm, fulfilled, joyful life they want to as well.

It breaks the conditioning chain so that more girls won’t grow up believing the misinformation of what they have to do to be accepted and liked.

“Gabrielle has helped me to feel less alone and so warmly accepted. Everything she shares is supportive and practical not to mention inspiring! You feel as though you’re reading from and listening to someone who truly does understand.”
– Amelia

The possibilities for you

I see how possible it is for you to be your kind, thoughtful, caring self AND at the same time follow your dreams, speak your opinion, take the time and space for you want and need. That they’re not exclusive, it’s not a matter of taking care of other people or taking care of yourself.

It took me so long to embark on this journey myself because I was afraid of pushback, and awful consequences that could ensue from me daring to say no, to speak up for what I wanted and needed, to take time and space for rest and for play, to uphold my boundaries. But my fears were barely borne out, I was so surprised by the lack of confrontation and disconnection, how little upset I caused that I wished I hadn't wasted so much time.

My greatest wish for you is that you respect, love and care for yourself as much as you do the people around you. That you put as much effort into making yourself happy as you do other people. That you don’t wait a minute longer to value and treasure yourself.

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“Gabrielle's deep knowledge of how we think and positive psychology is a breath of fresh air. Everything she shares is authentic, uplifting and genuinely helpful.”
– Al