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Calm & Joy

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re a quiet, introverted, sensitive and empathetic woman who’s exhausted from spending your life trying so, so hard to fit in, to not be too much and feeling like you’re not enough.
  • You try to do the right thing, to do what you think you should do, what others want you to do, but feel like you’re coming up short.
  • You listen and observe and take what others say to heart, with criticism or a negative remark feeling like visceral rejection, painful as a knife stab in the chest.
  • You hate getting things wrong or being bad at something so avoid trying it even if you really want to do it.
  • You replay what you said or did, wondering what you should have said or done, what the other person thinks of you and all the ways you could and should have done better.
  • You care so much (and have been told countless time you’re too sensitive), can’t bear injustice or cruelty, wanting to help and fix and make other people’s lives better.

Too much and not enough

  • You try so hard to make people happy, to please and never let anyone down (or be thought of as a disappointment), even though it’s exhausting and breeding resentment (with the accompanying guilt for feeling that way). And you still feel like you’re letting down others, and yourself.
  • You’ve spent a lifetime trying to be who you think you’re supposed to be or are expected to be, containing and criticising yourself, striving to do more, to be more, to keep up but never quite managing it.
  • You’re thoughtful and contemplative, you’ve been told you’re too idealistic, too scattered in your thoughts, attention and interests, too quiet, too sensitive which all adds up to the long-standing feeling that you’ll never be enough.
  • You’re a quiet, introverted, sensitive and empathetic woman whose coping strategies no longer work like they used to because the pressure of years of striving and midlife hormonal changes make everything feel like it’s unravelling.
  • You may suspect you have ADHD, you may have a diagnosis, or you may not feel any connection to ADHD, but you’re recognising yourself here.

If you see yourself here, I see you too.

Because I am a quiet, introverted, sensitive and empathetic woman. And I discovered I have ADHD in midlife.

“I was feeling unmanageably busy and stressed, trying to fix everything for everyone else, and not giving myself much time or compassion. I was missing out on enjoying what was good about life here and now and I was looking for help to move forward. The pause created by the pandemic felt like an opportunity to reassess things and make choices that would work best for me in the future.
Coaching with Gabrielle was supportive, inspiring and life-enhancing. Now I'm more aware of how I'm feeling and of what I need to do to get back on an even keel if I get thrown by something. I'm saying no more often, when that is what feels right, and I am much more relaxed, present and enjoying being me.”

“Before coaching I felt like I was in a storm, overwhelmed and heading for burnout. I needed help to find a way back to calmer living. Now I am so much more centred in myself. I'm doing things from a point of I want to rather than I should. I'm happier, I'm more fun to be around and I have more energy. Thank you for helping me walk a little taller in the world.”
- Julie

The box you were put in was never for you

The version of you who worries what people think, who tries to live up to everyone’s expectations, who doesn’t want to let anyone down, who puts others first and themselves last, who’s scared of messing up or getting things wrong…

The version of you who's tried so hard to fit in, who’s grown up taking on the ‘good girl’ messaging society bombards us with, who’s followed the ‘shoulds’ instead of your intuition, who’s strived so hard that playfulness, peace and joy has been squeezed out…

That version is not who you really are.

These are layers that have piled up and hidden the real you.

The you who you truly are, who you know you really are, is still there, waiting to be freed and brought out into the light.

Free to be your calm, quiet, sensitive, beautiful self.

“I’m happier and I don’t get so phased by challenges. I feel I understand myself so much more now. When I started coaching with Gabrielle I was feeling overwhelmed, lots of things needed my time and attention and there was little time left for me. By the end of our time together I feel more confident, able, in control and I’m having more fun!
- Esme

“When I first connected with Gabrielle I was stressed, burnt out and I longed to enjoy life and just be myself. Gabrielle was so approachable, kind with a sense of fun, she wasn't at all judgmental but encouraging and understanding. My coaching experience was amazing, it went far beyond my expectations. My sense of humour has returned, I've set boundaries and I have moments of sheer joy and excitement. My husband has noticed I'm no longer so agitated or frustrated and my friends have noticed I'm more confident. Now I'm more relaxed, I look after myself properly, I have energy for my life – I'm just happier!

What we can work on

Here are some examples of what I work on with coaching clients:

  • Quieting the mean inner voice and practising self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Understanding what you need and want, and confidently communicating it
  • Setting, upholding and communicating boundaries in a way that feels good
  • Feeling more in control of your life and schedule
  • Letting go of people-pleasing
  • Lowering your stress levels, reducing your busyness and slowing down
  • Taking better care of yourself
  • Combating procrastination, creating and maintaining new habits
  • Reducing overthinking and being present in the moment
  • Becoming unstuck, having clarity and moving forward in following your dreams
  • Being calmer and more relaxed
  • Having more time, energy, fun and feeling happier

Following coaching my clients have found greater fulfilment in their careers as well as starting businesses, moved home and followed creative pursuits, strengthened and deepened their connections and relationships.

“Before coaching I had been totally overwhelmed and stressed with work and life in general. I felt I had to do the ‘right’ thing rather than what I needed. I was struggling to enjoy myself or simply to just be myself. Now I’ve realised that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and that I’m in control of my own path. I accept that I’m still going to face obstacles in life but I’m also aware that I don’t need to let negative emotions get the better of me. I can take control. You’ve helped me to not only improve my mental health, but also that of my colleagues and the children I work with.”
- Clare Ramsbottom

I feel like I can breathe properly, like a weight has come away from my shoulders. My husband has noticed that I am far calmer and more patient. My friends have noticed that I have a new bounce in my step and I believe that my children have benefitted massively as I am seeing them modelling my behaviour and mindset.

“I feel that I am a better wife, mother, friend and me as a result of Gabrielle’s support and guidance. I feel more confident about who I am and what I need. I am happier, look at things in a calmer and more peaceful way and haven’t let myself get so emotionally upset with various life events.”
- Karin Joyce

My promise to you

Here’s what I won’t do – I won't skim over the difficult stuff or brush away what feels hard. I won’t tell you what you should or have to do and I won’t give you a list of instructions to follow.

Here’s what I will do – I will respect you as the intelligent, thoughtful, caring, big-hearted, sensitive, perhaps ADHD woman you are.

I will hold for you a safe space to talk, to feel, to share freely, to be your whole self.

I will support you to tune into your intuition, to build your self-trust, to strengthen your inner belief and to unearth the hidden wisdom you hold inside yourself.

I will help you find the power within to create the life that you want, that feels authentic, fulfilling, uplifting, inspiring, joyful and utterly true to your unique and beautiful self.

Take a look at my online coaching programmes.

Freedom Sessions Package

You will receive:

  • Freedom Sessions questionnaire

  • 90 mins initial coaching video call

  • 60 mins coaching video calls every two weeks for 4 months (7 calls in total)

  • Recordings of all coaching calls

  • Email support throughout our time together

  • Any relevant resources

4-month coaching programme: one payment of £1200 or spread the cost with 4 x monthly payments of £300, or 6 x monthly payments of £200.

Focus Calls

You will receive:

  • Focus Calls questionnaire

  • 60 mins coaching video call

  • 2 x 30 mins coaching video calls two weeks apart

  • Email support between calls

  • Recordings of all coaching calls

  • Any relevant resources

Your investment is a one-off payment of £300.
(We can discuss a payment plan if needed.)

“When we started coaching I was exhausted, overwhelmed, work dominated everything, and you helped me feel safe. I’ve rediscovered joy, my sense of adventure and what I need to sparkle and thrive. I feel more in tune with myself, I’m speaking up for what I want and I have practical tools to continue navigating through life. Thank you for being my cheerleader.”
- Julie

“Before coaching I felt flat, disconnected and overwhelmed, I couldn't find joy and I realised I couldn't struggle on alone anymore. Now I'm finding it easier to say no, to delegate, I realise I matter too, I take much better care of myself, and I do something I relish every day. I'm less resentful, burnt out and I'm much more open to life. Coaching with Gabrielle has been illuminating, safe, and such a positive experience.
- D.S.

Hi, I'm Gabrielle

I spent the majority of my years trying my utmost to get everything right, to make everyone happy, to stop being so quiet, sensitive and introverted, and to be the helpful, good girl I should be. And by doing so I spent a lot of my time overthinking, overdoing and feeling overwhelmed. I wasn't thriving in the life I tried so hard to perfect.

Through discovering the world of positive psychology and applying what I was exploring and learning in my own life, it allowed me to give myself more compassion and acceptance for the introverted, deep thinking, big-hearted, empathetic, sensitive woman I am, AND to feel more calm, peace and joy.

My late diagnosis of ADHD explained so much of my life and the challenges I've experienced. The people-pleasing, perfectionism, procrastination, overthinking, overdoing and overwhelm made sense.

This is why I'm here to support you to live the calmer, happier life that’s true to the real, quiet, sensitive, beautiful soul you are, whether you have ADHD or not.

Through my online courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching I've helped hundreds of women to find more calm and joy in their daily lives.

I’m a certified life coach having completed training with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute. I am committed to ongoing professional and personal development.

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To discuss coaching with me book a complimentary consultation call

The whole coaching experience has been amazing and challenging and has brought changes beyond my wildest expectations. When I contacted Gabrielle initially I was overwhelmed with caring duties, I was struggling with anxiety due to overwhelm, not sleeping well and generally feeling exhausted emotionally and physically.
Now I have a lovely sense of freedom, I feel stronger, empowered and I’m more assertive. I feel like I participate in life rather than being on the sidelines. My relationship with my daughter is so much better and with my husband it’s calmer, there’s much more respect between us now. What I have learned about myself and the changes I’ve made during my time working with Gabrielle have completely changed my life. I cannot recommend coaching with her highly enough.” – Karen O’Brien

Am I the coach for you?

If you are a woman who is…

• Open to exploring your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and mindset
• Ready to make changes and try doing things differently
• Willing and able to invest in yourself
• Feeling like, in the sea of life, you're treading water and you want to get swimming again

…I’m here for you

However, if you are…

• Struggling with functioning in day to day life
• Looking for someone to tell you what to do
• Resistant to looking at your thoughts, feelings and life in detail or making changes
• Feeling like, in the sea of life, you're under water

…this is not the right time for us to work together

If you're struggling to function in daily life it may be advisable to seek treatment from a trained counsellor or psychotherapist. Speak to your GP, check out the UK Council for Psychotherapy or call Mind on 0300 1233393.

“I can thoroughly recommend coaching with Gabrielle. I was stuck ruminating over a particular issue and her skilled, supportive, positive, non-judgmental approach helped me get to the nub of the problem and enabled me to come up with some achievable goals which have helped me in the present but also encouraged me to build my resilience for the future. I cannot thank her enough.
- Paula Dear

I have found the whole experience transformative, I couldn't have got here without Gabrielle. Before I started coaching I would get to the end of a week feeling exhausted and stressed. Now I feel my brain has slowed down and the battle to stop overthinking is getting far easier. I feel more calm than I ever have and more confident that I can reach goals that I've set myself. As a result of coaching with Gabrielle I'm worrying far less than ever before.”
- Laura Rees

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer – no! Whether they have ADHD or not I work with women who are exhausted from striving against their quiet, sensitive nature to try to fit in to the good girl box the world has given them. If you identify with what's written on this page, I may be the coach for you.

Put simply an introvert is someone whose energy is depleted by being around other people, while an extrovert gains energy from being with others. Introversion is not the same as being shy and introverts DO like people and aren't anti-social! It's simply that being with people for an extended period of time drains the energy of an introvert and they need time alone to recharge their batteries.

The simple explanation of an empath is that it's someone who has their empathy volume button turned right up – they feel what other people are feeling as if they're experiencing those emotions themselves. It can be overwhelming to sense others' feelings and confusing when it's hard to tell if the feelings belong to yourself or someone else.

Our coaching sessions are held on Zoom which means you can be anywhere in the world! We talk face to face, over the internet, and I record the audio of our sessions and email you the recording so you can listen to it again whenever you like. We also stay in touch by email between our calls.

Coaching is different to therapy and counselling in a number of ways. Therapy is more focused on diagnosed anxiety disorders or trauma and within sessions you may investigate causes for the anxiety, looking back to the past for explanations. In therapy you may be given a structured process or strategy with specific instructions or a set path to follow.

Coaching is about acknowledging the past and looking forward, with you, the client, taking positive action steps towards the life you want. With coaching we set goals for how you want to feel and be, and actions to keep you moving towards the goals. As your coach I ask powerful questions, listen, inspire, I hold you accountable, explore what’s coming up for you as the client and support you to stay in positive action.

I may offer suggestions, provide resources and support but, importantly, I don't give you the answers, instructions or tell you what to do. Coaching is very much about empowering you, the client, to self-actualise and do the work to keep the momentum going to move towards your goals.

By working together for four or six months in the Freedom Sessions you'll be surprised by the shifts that can happen and how empowered you will feel by the action you take.

After completing the questionnaire which helps you to get clearer on how you want to feel and be and what's getting in the way of that now, we'll have our first video coaching call which is 90mins long. Then, about every two weeks after that we have our video coaching calls, which are 60mins long each.  

After each call I'll send you an audio recording and any resources I feel may be helpful. We stay in contact over email between our calls so that I can continue to provide the support, and often accountability, you need. 

Not at all. Because our coaching sessions are online video calls through Skype or Zoom you can be anywhere in the world! As well as in the UK I've worked with people in different time zones, in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Europe, and it hasn't been a problem. Together we'll find a time for our coaching calls that work for both of us.

“I wanted to create a business but I lacked self-confidence, self-trust and my intuition was hidden. I wanted to get my mindset straight. Following coaching there has been a major shift in my thinking thanks to some realisations. I feel lighter, relieved, liberated, and I am not exaggerating, this is a complete game-changer. I'd describe coaching with Gabrielle as eye-opening, life-changing and liberating. This has been an amazing experience that I was ready for and I really recommend working with Gabrielle.
Nina Gruenewald

“I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about having a long-term plan when I started working with Gabrielle. Through coaching I have slowed down, I'm not so impulsive, I'm really present – being instead of doing – and I can communicate my feelings without feeling guilty about them.”
- Karen Wyness

I have emerged from our time together a more creative and confident version of myself. Gabrielle expressed her belief in me and recognised the progress I was making each session – this was invaluable and kept me going through the tough times. She fully heard and understood what my struggles were and I felt supported and confident working with her. The environment she created, along with powerful questions and insightful reflections, led to some real ah-ha moments. Coaching with Gabrielle has been a truly enriching experience.”
- Issie Freeman

“It really helped to talk things through with you in the coaching sessions. I feel I’ve gained some perspective, some practical steps that I’m already using and been able to take a more gentle approach with myself. So a big thank you!”
- Lizzie

“I overachieved on my goal and made lots of progress on the surrounding actions. I also felt a greater sense of purpose within our busy family roles (ie not just a mum taxi and chef). I chose to coach with Gabrielle due to her years of experience in positive psychology. Having someone to be accountable to made all the difference to me and my motivation was spring-boarded! I cannot recommend Gabrielle highly enough, she's someone you’d be very thankful to have in your life.”
- Juliet Thomas

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