Overcome your
overwhelm to feel

Calm and in


Overcome your
overwhelm to feel

Calm and in


Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you tired of doing ALL the things and worrying what everyone else thinks?

  • Have you had enough of other's expectations and trying to keep everyone happy while your needs get pushed aside?

  • Do you feel like you're not in control of your own life?

You're in the right place

By coaching with me you can overcome your overwhelm to feel calm, confident, in control of your own life and feel more joy each day.

“My husband says I’m happier and I don’t get so phased by challenges. I feel I understand myself so much more now. When I started coaching with Gabrielle I was feeling overwhelmed, lots of things needed my time and attention and there was little time left for me. By the end of our time together I feel more confident, able, in control and I’m having more fun!”
- Esme

Does this sound familiar?

You're juggling All The Things and feel like you're on a hamster wheel that never stops. You feel the need to please people and keep the peace, at the expense of your own peace of mind. You feel the weight of others' expectations and worry what people think of you. You're labelled the organised, responsible one but that's a heavy pressure. You feel trapped into doing what other people want, fitting in with their needs while yours are pushed aside. Life feels harder than it's supposed to and you're wondering what happened to the fun, the joy, the ease you used to feel.

You're exhausted, you're overwhelmed and you don't feel in control of your own life.

I get it, I really do. It sucks to feel this way but this is NOT how your life has to be. You can feel relaxed and at ease, able to cope and confident in yourself.

You can absolutely, most definitely, feel the joy, the ease, the light and the calm that you want to feel!


“I have found the whole experience transformative, I couldn't have got here without Gabrielle. Before I started coaching I would get to the end of a week feeling exhausted and stressed. Now I feel my brain has slowed down and the battle to stop overthinking is getting far easier. I feel more calm than I ever have and more confident that I can reach goals that I've set myself. As a result of coaching with Gabrielle I'm worrying far less than ever before.”
- Laura Rees

Here's what I believe is possible for you

A calmer, more relaxed and confident, more easeful and joy-filled life.

Why do I believe this?

Because this is what I've seen my clients create:

  • Freedom from the overwhelm

  • Freedom from feeling they have to do all the things and worrying what other people think of them

  • Feeling able to say no when they want and yes when they do

  • Feeling more relaxed about what could happen in the future and the ability to let go of what's happened in the past

  • Freedom from feeling they have to be the perfect person whose job it is to make everyone happy

  • Feeling more comfortable in their own skin, confident and capable of handling whatever happens next

  • Being present in their life as it's happening, finding and feeling joy in each day

Together we bring down the overwhelm and work through your self-doubt, what's holding you back, and the noise in your head, and take action to empower you to get back in control and live your life in a way that feels right for you – the calm, relaxed, confident and joy-filled life you want.


Scroll down for details on the coaching programmes I offer, or…

The Overthinkers Coach - client Karin Joyce

“I feel like I can breathe properly, like a weight has come away from my shoulders. My husband has noticed that I am far calmer and more patient. My friends have noticed that I have a new bounce in my step and I believe that my children have benefitted massively as I am seeing them modelling my behaviour and mindset. 

“I feel that I am a better wife, mother, friend and me as a result of Gabrielle’s support and guidance. I feel more confident about who I am and what I need. I am happier, look at things in a calmer and more peaceful way and haven’t let myself get so emotionally upset with various life events.”
- Karin Joyce

A few of the topics we can work on together

  • Procrastination, perfectionism and the fear of getting things wrong

  • The pressure of expectations from your family and friends, as well as your own

  • Feeling invisible as you take care of everyone else while your own needs get forgotten about

  • Developing a sense of personal autonomy through self-knowledge and self-worth

  • Tuning into your intuition, creating a clearer sense of your own identity and voice

  • Confidence in your ability to deal with challenges and make decisions

  • Managing the mean girl voice in your head, identifying unhelpful thinking and beliefs that hold you back

  • Creating boundaries that support healthy relationships

  • Developing supportive habits and practices

  • Making space for fun, relaxation, creativity and joy

Let's free you to be you

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to do list, by the needs of your family, friends and work, by the pressure of expectations (from others and your own), by the worries of what other people think, of not having enough hours in the day, if you’re letting anyone down, if you’re good enough… it’s hard to see a way forward.

What you need is for someone to talk with to help you out of this overdoing, overthinking, overwhelm. Someone who understands what you’re going through, who will support you to feel back in control of your life and empower you to feel calm, in control, able to cope and to feel more joy each day.

I’m that someone for you.

There are two ways we can work together, one to one, to get you back in the driving seat of your own life.

Take a look at your two options below.

Option 1

The Freedom Sessions

4-month coaching programme including:

  • An in-depth Freedom Sessions questionnaire

  • 90mins coaching session (video online)

  • 7 x 60mins coaching sessions every two weeks for four months (video online)

  • Audio recordings of all coaching sessions to keep

  • Email support between sessions throughout our time together

  • Any relevant resources and worksheets

Your investment is a one-off payment of £870
- or spread the cost with 4 x monthly payments of £220, or 6 x monthly payments of £145

You will have my wholehearted and focused support for the four month Freedom Sessions programme.

Together we will create an inspiring plan for you to spend less of your time, energy and brain power feeling overwhelmed, and instead live your life with calm, joy and confidence. We'll put the power back in your hands so that you feel in control of your own life.

Option 2

The Focus Calls

3-week intensive support including:

  • An in-depth Focus Calls questionnaire

  • 75mins coaching call (video online)

  • 3 weeks of email support

  • 30mins follow-up coaching call (video online)

  • Audio recordings of both calls to keep

  • Any relevant resources and worksheets

Your investment is £180.

When you have a specific challenge that feels overwhelming or you want to take action quickly, the Focus Calls programme is for you. We’ll work together for three weeks, tackling your most pressing issue, so that in a short space of time you can bring down the overwhelm, take back control and feel confident to move forward.

The Overthinkers Coach - client Issie Freeman

“I have emerged from our time together a more creative and confident version of myself. Gabrielle expressed her belief in me and recognised the progress I was making each session – this was invaluable and kept me going through the tough times. She fully heard and understood what my struggles were and I felt supported and confident working with her. The environment she created, along with powerful questions and insightful reflections, led to some real ah-ha moments. Coaching with Gabrielle has been a truly enriching experience.”
- Issie Freeman

Feeling nervous?

I get it, and it's completely understandable, I felt the same way the first time I worked with a coach.

Here's the thing about coaching: we don't rake over the past, rooting around in what came before. 

In coaching we look forwards. We talk through how you want to feel, what you want to do, how you want to be and what's getting in your way. And then, together, we take it step by step, coming up with ideas and actions for how you can move forwards towards living the life you want, feeling the way you want. 

This is your life and you will be the one taking action but you're not on your own. I have years of experience, study and practice under my belt, and I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what it’s like to be overwhelmed and not feel in control of your own life?

For most of my life I felt I needed to fit in, to do what was expected, to keep the peace and make people happy, to do what I should, to feel a certain way and it was overwhelming – in my life and in my head. I was overdoing and overthinking with an inability to do what felt right for me, to feel calm or in control. 

And then, things changed, I changed. I wanted to feel freedom in my life, I wanted to feel in control of my own life, and I was ready to take action. So, I learned how to bring down the overwhelm, to soothe my busy brain, to feel calm, light, less stressed, to deal better with challenges, to feel in control and to really participate in my life, feeling more joy each day.

How and where do the coaching sessions take place?

Our coaching sessions are held on Zoom which means you can be anywhere in the world! We talk face to face, over the internet, and I record the audio of our sessions and email you the recording so you can listen to it again whenever you like. We also stay in touch by email between our calls.

Does it matter if I live in a different country or time zone to you?

Not at all. Because our coaching sessions are online video calls through Skype or Zoom you can be anywhere in the world! I've worked with people in different time zones and it hasn't been a problem. Together we'll find a time for our coaching calls that work for both of us.

What’s the difference between coaching and counselling?

Coaching is different to therapy and counselling in a number of ways. Therapy is more focused on diagnosed anxiety disorders and within sessions you may investigate causes for the anxiety, looking back to the past for explanations. Coaching is very much about looking forward and you, the client, taking positive action steps towards the life you want without needing to explore the past.

With coaching we set goals for how you want to feel and be, and actions to keep you moving towards the goals. As your coach I ask powerful questions, listen, inspire, I hold you accountable, explore what’s coming up for you as the client and support you to stay in positive action. I may make suggestions, provide resources and support but I don't give instructions or tell you what to do. Coaching is very much about empowering you the client to self-actualise and do the work to keep the momentum going to move towards your goals.

What happens in the Focus Calls?

When you're feeling under pressure and tight on time we need to get you shifting out of overwhelm quickly. By working together for two weeks we can address the most pressing challenge in a short space of time.

After completing the questionnaire I'll send you which helps you to get clearer on what you want to focus on in our time together, we'll have our first 75mins video call. This is where we'll focus in on your greatest challenge and together we'll create an action plan for you to tackle your overwhelm over the following three weeks.

During those three weeks we stay in close contact over email.

Then we have our 30mins follow-up call to see how you're feeling and how you're going to continue moving forward and out of your overwhelm. 

I'll send you the audio recording of both calls and any resources or worksheets that I feel may be helpful.

What happens in the Freedom Sessions?

By working together for four months in the Freedom Sessions you'll be surprised by the shifts that can happen and how empowered you will feel by the action you take.

After completing the questionnaire which helps you to get clearer on how you want to feel and be and what's getting in the way of that now, we'll have our first video coaching call which is 90mins long. Then, about every two weeks after that we have our video coaching calls, which are 60mins long each. In total during the four months we have eight coaching calls. 

After each call I'll send you an audio recording and any resources I feel may be helpful. We stay in contact over email between our calls so that I can continue to provide the support you need. 

If you're struggling to function in daily life it may be advisable to seek treatment from a trained counsellor or psychotherapist. Speak to your GP, check out the UK Council for Psychotherapy psychotherapy.org.uk or call Mind on 0300 1233393.

I’m a certified life coach having completed training with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute. I am committed to ongoing professional and personal development.

The Overthinkers Coach - client Juliet Thomas

“I overachieved on my goal and made lots of progress on the surrounding actions. I also felt a greater sense of purpose within our busy family roles (ie not just a mum taxi and chef). I chose to coach with Gabrielle due to her years of experience in positive psychology. Having someone to be accountable to made all the difference to me and my motivation was spring-boarded! I cannot recommend Gabrielle highly enough, she's someone you’d be very thankful to have in your life.”
- Juliet Thomas

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