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No-one is immune to overwhelm and stress, even in good times let alone when there’s a pandemic. Your teams have been adapting to new ways of working. They’re juggling new and varied challenges not only in their professional capacity but also in their home life.

And many are struggling.

Your profession attracts caring, thoughtful, big-hearted people who want to make a difference in the world. But your people’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and their capacity to do the work and make that difference, is impacted when they’re exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

There’s no denying that there has been a significant increase in stress levels and a decrease in mental wellbeing. 

Stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 54% of all working days lost due to ill health

(HSE Annual Report 2019/20)

For your team to be able to...

  • deal with changes and challenges

  • feel energised and inspired

  • be creative and innovative

  • feel motivated and focused

  • be their caring, big-hearted selves

  • have the bandwidth to do their meaningful, valuable work

...they need support.

The work your organisation does is needed. Your team makes a tangible difference and the impact of your work ripples out far beyond those with whom you have immediate contact.

But your team can’t have that positive impact if they’re overwhelmed and stressed.

Support options for your team

I provide mental wellbeing support and impactful resiliency training to suit the needs of your people and your organisation. From an online workshop or a series of regular drop-in online sessions to the overwhelm toolkit or my bespoke support as your resident Calm Coach, I provide tailored support, grounded in positive psychology, to address your team’s specific needs.


Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit

The Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit for People in Caring Professions provides 24/7 support for your staff, providing all the tools they need to bring down their overwhelm, handle challenges and change, feel back in control, support themselves and move forward with calm confidence.

The Toolkit, created in consultation with people working in a variety of caring professions, not only equips your people with invaluable, practical tools, it’s organised in a way that makes it fully accessible. The complete Toolkit is available to read or listen to with nearly three hours of content broken down into less than 10mins-long, bite size chunks.

Individuals can access what they need when they need it, and within a few minutes they will be equipped with tools to overcome their overwhelm and get back on track.

With lifetime access to the Toolkit including all future updates and additions, the unique framework of the Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit for People in Caring Professions will ensure your valuable team feel calm, capable and in control, and be their full, caring, impactful selves.

Toolkit testimonials

"Gabrielle is the friend you need to hear in times of need, for that soothing voice of reason, wisdom, sense, and reassurance in those moments of overwhelm. With a choice of listening (I listened in so many places!), or reading, the toolkit is created in such a user-friendly way, with bite size segments filled with insightful knowledge, understanding, encouragement and useful exercises, and which I can reach out to whenever I want or need to. Covering so many familiar scenarios makes this toolkit such a valuable companion, and Gabrielle’s expertise and eloquence in delivering it, is a true gift to all."

Dr Sam Anthony, Dermatology Surgeon, West Herts NHS Trust

"The Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit delivers. As a school leader I know what a tough gig this job is and how easily overwhelm can become a real struggle. I also know that what we need are resources that get directly to the heart of what we are struggling with at any moment and in small chunks that don't require much time to digest. If you are looking for some no nonsense, manageable support for all the different ways overwhelm can show up, this Toolkit does the job."

Sarah Bishop, Acting Head Teacher, Lancashire

"We all need to reduce our stress levels and this toolkit will help you to do so in a way that actually feels supportive, rather than just another task to be ticked off an already huge 'to-do' list. It's incredibly well put together and so user-friendly because you can click on a section that you feel called to and then listen to or read an insightful, bite-sized piece of wisdom. She has a very soothing voice that felt as though it reduced my overwhelm on its own! I know that it's something I will come back to regularly. I would highly recommend it as a resource, it's invaluable and I absolutely love it."

Karen Johnston, Project Worker Dorset Healthcare NHS Sexual Health Team

"I've found the Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit very useful. It's so clear and accessible, the bite size sections make it easy to find what I need depending on how I feel at the time. I've only had this toolkit a short time and already put some of the excellent strategies to use with a positive impact to me at home and in my job."

Finola Utton, University Senior Lecturer, London

"The Toolkit really hits the spot. The short recordings make it so easy to get some practical guidance when I'm having a stressful day. Just listening to Gabrielle's voice calms me down! I've put some of the suggestions into practice and it's making a difference to how stressed I feel already."

Rebecca, Care assistant, Sunderland

Live, online workshop

I can provide a 60-90 minutes live, interactive, online workshop in which your team will learn how to reduce their stress by becoming calmer, keeping perspective, increasing their ability to cope, and strengthening their confidence.

Your staff will come away from the workshop equipped with lasting, essential and practical skills to build their resilience and reduce their overwhelm.

Your people, and therefore your organisation, will benefit from this training not only in this current climate but well into the future.

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"Gabrielle facilitated a wellbeing session for the Prince’s Trust National Operations Team. Her enthusiasm, passion and ability to positively project her experience was received exceptionally well and we were left inspired! Gabrielle provided us with effective tools to manage ourselves during times of change, whether personally or in the workplace. We would absolutely welcome more sessions from Gabrielle and 100% recommend her for the brilliant work she does!"
National Operations Team, The Prince’s Trust

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Why me?

I’m Gabrielle and I'm a certified mindset and positive psychology coach, in the UK, providing support to overcome overwhelm and build resiliency so you feel more calm, capable and in control.

I've worked with hundreds of caring, mission-driven people who are passionate about having an impact and making a difference in the world. These people and their work are valuable, they’re needed and for them to continue having that impact it’s essential that care and attention is given to their mental wellbeing.

I know first hand how to recognise overwhelm, deal with challenges and build resiliency to live a purposeful, fulfilling, calm and joyful life. And this is what I can share with you and your teams.


“I've been sceptical of wellbeing and the narrative of ‘resilience’ in work places but Gabrielle has really changed my mindset on that in this fantastic solution-focused session. I really appreciated that she talked us through a practical and accessible tool kit and advice on how to apply these messages in our day-to-day life.”


“I have taken a lot away from the session which I will be putting into practice. Something happened at work where I started to worry and stress. I ran through what you showed us and it made me feel calmer and in control.”


“When I started coaching with Gabrielle I was feeling overwhelmed. By the end of our time together I feel more confident, able, in control and I don’t get so phased by challenges.”


I had been totally overwhelmed and stressed with work and life. You’ve helped me to not only improve my mental health, but also that of my colleagues.


Gabrielle’s skilled, supportive, positive, non-judgmental approach helped me to build my resilience for the future.”


"Gabrielle is an insightful coach whose deep knowledge of how we think and positive psychology is a breath of fresh air. Everything she shares is authentic, uplifting and genuinely helpful. Recommended."


“I have found the whole experience transformative. Before I would get to the end of a week feeling exhausted and stressed. Now I feel my brain has slowed down and the battle to stop overthinking is getting far easier. I feel more calm than I ever have and more confident that I can reach goals.”



If you’re still not sure of the value to your organisation of supporting your people’s mental wellbeing consider these two statistics:

£45 billion – the cost of poor mental health to UK employers.

(HSE Annual Report 2019/20)

5:1 – the return on investment for employers investing in their staff’s mental wellbeing with an average ROI of 5.2:1.

(Mental health and employers: Refreshing the need for investment, Deloitte, January 2020)

Free pandemic resources

A diagram I designed in April 2020 illustrating three stages of response to the pandemic has proven useful to many organisations and businesses. I updated the diagram to reflect the thoughts and feelings around emerging from the pandemic in June 2021.

You can access the pandemic response article here and the post-pandemic emergence article here.

You're welcome to share the diagrams with your teams, linking back to the original articles.

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