More than 1,500 people have joined one or more of my online courses and by doing so learned how to worry less and enjoy life more. Take a look at the range of courses below and read what just a few of past course participants have to say about their experience here.

Be Here Now - A Guide to Living Mindfully

Practising mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce feelings of worry and overwhelm, calm the mind and increase the enjoyment and appreciation we feel each day. In this five-week course you will learn how to  increase your wellbeing, enjoy your relationships, experience greater happiness and feel more contented, by making mindfulness a part of your everyday life, in practical, doable ways .

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“The Be Here Now course has helped me make changes in my day to day life which is helping me cope better with stress. Gabrielle’s emails are easy to follow and enjoyable to read and convey her passion for the subject. Its also been a good introduction to meditation. I’d recommend the course to anyone looking to live more mindfully.”
– Joanna

Exhale a beginners' guide to meditation for overthinkers online course

Through meditation you learn to recognise when your brain is spiralling off into overthinking in everyday life so you can take action to calm your mind and soothe your stress. Whether you've never tried meditation before or you struggled to meditate regularly, this online course will give you step by step guidance and the tools you need to begin meditating and create a sustainable meditation practice that works in your unique life.

Exhale, a beginners' guide to meditation for overthinkers self-study online course, is open to join now.

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“Since meeting Gabrielle, she has impacted my life in such a positive way, from her brilliant courses, to simply being a great example of living a connected, conscious and contented life and much more in between. I took part in her course ‘A Thankful Heart’ and learnt to look for the positives in everyday life, that you so often forget to notice.
“Gabrielle has also shared lots of techniques and ideas which have not only helped me overcome challenges this past year through stressful times, but have also brought my family closer together. Through uncertain times in the news and media she is conscious to not fuel the fire of worry and instead to share how we can make it through whatever life throws at us with strength and with peace in our hearts.
“What makes Gabrielle truly unique, though, is her kind manner and a way with words that acknowledges feelings without adding to worry, and instead encouraging you to find the best in a situation, and delighting with you when you do. What an inspiration this woman is.”
– Amanda


In June 2018 I presented an introductory session at The Mindful Living Show in London on the life-changing power of developing a gratitude attitude. You now have the opportunity to enjoy a recording of my presentation, and take part in the exercises with the printable worksheet.

If you choose to join the in-depth gratitude practice course, A Thankful Heart (see above), after purchasing this introductory recording I'll refund the cost of this recording.

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“Gabrielle has taught me the power of gratitude, which, with practice, has helped retrain my mind to focus on the positives, no matter how small or big they might be.”
– Danielle

A Thankful Heart gratitude ecourse

Appreciating the world around you plays a key role in helping you to worry less and enjoy your life more. In this three-week course you will learn how to boost your positivity and improve your wellbeing by creating your own powerful gratitude practice. Just a few minutes each day is needed to impact your life for the better, open your eyes to the good around you, worry less and enjoy life more.

This is a self-study course, with the option of an additional coaching session, that begins when you sign up.

This course is now closed for 2018.