Coach in
Your Pocket

Coach in
Your Pocket

There are aspects of your life that don’t feel good, that take up your time and energy, create stress and overwhelm, disrupt your calm and drain your joy, and that you want to change.

You want support but not in the traditional form of hour-long Zoom calls and you’re not in a position to commit to a long term coaching package. You’re looking for direct, one to one support, on your specific challenges rather than an online course.

You want to talk with someone who understands the challenges of being a sensitive, empathetic introvert in a world where busy, loud and productive is ‘best’. Someone who understands your desire to be helpful, to make people happy, to not mess up or let anyone down, and who understands how exhausting and overwhelming it is trying to be that person all the time.

Support when you want it

What you want is to feel confident you can say and do what you need and want, to honour your boundaries kindly and without feeling like a terrible person for doing so. You want to let go of people-pleasing, to not be overwhelmed by the state of the world, to take better care of yourself and to feel more in control.

You want to feel calm, energised and light. You want to feel grounded and trust in yourself. You want more time, more peace and more joy.

And to help you get there you want someone who will listen, who will really hear you, with compassion and without judgement. Someone with whom you are free to be your real self. Someone with years of experience supporting women who feel just like you to become more trusting in themselves, to feel stronger, calmer, lighter and happier.

You want to be able to connect one to one with your own coach about what you want, when and wherever you need it.

What you want is a Coach in Your Pocket!

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"I was stuck ruminating over a particular issue and Gabrielle's skilled, supportive, positive, non-judgmental approach helped me get to the nub of the problem and enabled me to come up with some achievable goals which have helped me in the present but also encouraged me to build my resilience for the future. I cannot thank her enough."
- Paula Dear

What is Coach in Your Pocket?

Coach in Your Pocket is perfectly designed for those who aren’t so comfortable with video calls, who feel pressured by scheduling hour-long Zoom calls or feeling the need to respond instantly (hello introverts who like time to ponder!).

This way of coaching allows you to reach out to me whenever you like during our two week timeframe via Voxer (a free walkie-talkie app you can use on your mobile or computer which allows us to exchange voice and text messages) and I'll respond.

There are no scheduled times for coaching. Any time you like you can share what's on your mind, be heard, ask questions, discuss what's difficult, how you feel, what you think, and lightbulb moments.

Because you've got me as your Coach in Your Pocket.

Why you might want me as your Coach in Your Pocket

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  • You want help navigating difficult conversations
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending grim news
  • You want to have better boundaries
  • You’re fed up of feeling the need to people please
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your work and/or home life
  • You want to focus on making more time for you
  • You’re struggling to make a decision
  • You find it difficult to speak up for what you want or need
  • You want to start a new supportive habit
  • You want accountability without pressure

"Coach in Your Pocket has been really helpful, supportive and valuable to me. I was feeling burnt out and now I’m more relaxed, hopeful, I can set better boundaries and give time to myself, as well as to my family, friends and business."
- Martha

How Coach in Your Pocket works

For two weeks (starting on a date we choose together) you can message me any time 12-8pm, Monday to Thursday, and I’ll get back to you. There’s no pressure to be on a call at a specific date and time, this is designed to fit around life – work, the school run, other commitments – flexibility is built in.

You will be able to contact me directly by sending me text or voice messages on Voxer – a free walkie-talkie app you can use on your mobile or computer which allows us to exchange voice and text messages – and I'll message you back. The messages are private, just between you and me, no-one else can access them.

The whole point of me being your Coach in Your Pocket is to make it flexible and easy for you to get the support you want and need.

If you aren't so comfortable with video calls, if scheduling hour-long Zoom calls feels too much of a pressure, if you simply want to be able to get coaching as and when your busy life allows – this is for you.

"I feel lighter, relieved, liberated, and I am not exaggerating, this is a complete game-changer. I'd describe coaching with Gabrielle as eye-opening, life-changing and liberating. This has been an amazing experience that I was ready for and I really recommend working with Gabrielle."
Nina Gruenewald

How we’ll begin

Once you’ve booked a Coach in Your Pocket slot you’ll register for free on the Voxer app and send me a message to connect.

I'll send you a questionnaire to help you get clarity on what you want to spend our two weeks on.

Then we’ll discuss on Voxer when to start coaching and away we go!

What you get with Coach in Your Pocket

Having me as your Coach in Your Pocket you’ll come away with:

  • Greater insight and understanding of what feels challenging and why
  • Shifts in your thinking, new perspectives and approaches that broaden and build your self-trust and confidence
  • Practical tools and action steps to help you in the moment and for a long time to come
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Coach in YOUR Pocket

Get my personal support for two weeks, via text and voice messaging, starting when you choose.


You can email me, [email protected], if there's anything you'd like to ask (aside from the below FAQs) about Coach in Your Pocket.

If you're interested in longer-term one-to-one coaching take a look at the info here.

"I would describe coaching with Gabrielle as thought-provoking, insightful and positive. She has an amazing ability to ask seemingly simple questions or make observations that really go to the heart of the matter. She guided, enabled and encouraged me to discover the clues and answers to what I was struggling with. The flexibility of Coach in Your Pocket was incredibly useful and helpful, and it worked well for me, fitting in around needing to go out, preparing meals and anything else that cropped up. Having the space and time to dig deep into questions and what came up from what I was discovering as I wrote was really illuminating and insightful."
- Julia

Frequently Asked Questions

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app you can use on your phone or computer. It’s free to use and it allows us to exchange voice and text messages. The messages are private, just between you and me, no-one else can access them

No, there are no video calls, no Zoom meetings you need to schedule. We send messages back and forth on Voxer, you can type messages or record voice messages, it’s your choice. I usually do a mixture of both!

No problem, flexibility is built in to Coach in Your Pocket. You can message me any time between 12 and 8pm, Monday to Thursday, and I’ll reply sometime during those hours too. In fact, you can message me outside of those times and I’ll get back to you during them. There’s no need to show up at a specific time or reply within a certain timeframe, it’s whatever works for you.

As long as you purchase Coach in Your Pocket by 13 November you’ll get the introductory offer price and we can begin coaching via Voxer any time before the end of November. We’ll discuss and agree on the date to begin.

I have as an add-on to some of my online course offerings and it’s proven to be really helpful (and enjoyable!) to the women I coached in this way.

The standard price is £300 but you can get the Introductory Special Offer with a huge 66% discount of just £100. Buy before 13 November to get the special offer because from 14 November Coach in Your Pocket will rise to the standard price of £300.

Absolutely, click here to find out about other ways you can get my one-to-one support.

“It really helped to talk things through with you. I feel I’ve gained some perspective, some practical steps that I’m already using and been able to take a more gentle approach with myself. So a big thank you!”
- Lizzie

Hi, I'm Gabrielle

I spent the majority of my years being the responsible one you could rely on, wrestling with my introverted, empathetic nature (because I didn't know that's what it was), trying my utmost to get everything right, to make everyone happy, to stop being so sensitive and quiet, and being the helpful, good girl I should be. And by doing so I spent a lot of my time overthinking, overdoing and feeling overwhelmed. I wasn't thriving in the life I tried so hard to perfect.

Through discovering the world of positive psychology and applying what I was exploring and learning in my own life, it allowed me to accept myself as the introverted, deep thinking, big-hearted, empathetic, sensitive woman I am AND to live the fulfilling, calm, authentic, peaceful, joyful life I dreamed of.

I trained in life and positive psychology coaching so that I can support you to live the calmer, happier life that’s true to the real you too.

Through my online courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching I've helped hundreds of women to find more calm and joy in their daily lives.

My coaching is with a positive psychology perspective. You can read more about positive psychology here.

I’m a certified life coach having completed training with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute. I am committed to ongoing professional and personal development.

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"I felt I had to do the ‘right’ thing rather than what I needed. I was struggling to enjoy myself or simply to just be myself. Now I’ve realised that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and that I’m in control of my own path. You’ve helped me to not only improve my mental health, but also that of my colleagues and the children I work with."
- Clare Ramsbottom

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