Who else has that ‘new beginnings’ feeling? You don’t need to be going back to school to get that new term feeling, I get it every September. In the northern hemisphere you can feel the glow of Summer slipping away as Autumn begins to hint at its presence with cooler evenings and berries in the hedgerows. Wherever you are on the planet, this time of year holds a lot of promise but it can also be a source of pressure as we contemplate the remaining four months of the year.

Rather than feel rushed by needing to get things done before the end of 2016 I want to use the feelings this time of year brings up for positive rather than pressure. Taking a moment to pause and breathe each day will bring us back to the present, back to the here and now, before we hurtle forward into the future with our to do lists and deadlines.


I’ve created a list of photo prompts to give us all a chance to pause for just a moment each day and notice what’s going on around us as we take a breath in and breathe it out. Beginning 1 September you can join in with as many or as few photos as you like, posting on Instagram with #BreatheSeptember2016 or keeping them to yourself. In addition to posting with #BreatheSeptember2016 you can tag me as well @gabrielletreanor.

I’d love to see how you take a moment for yourself this month and #BreathSeptember2016.

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