A closer look at Be Here Now

A closer look at Be Here Now Be Here Now is my online course where you learn to live more mindfully. But what does that really mean and what does the course cover? Let’s take a closer look… What is mindfulness and why live mindfully? Mindfulness is paying attention to the here and now, not… Read more about A closer look at Be Here Now

Celebrate with me

Celebrate with me This is a big day for me and I want to share it with a special treat for you! Two years ago today I launched gabrielletreanor.com and began in earnest my work to share how we can spend less time lost in our heads overthinking and worrying about stuff, and more time… Read more about Celebrate with me

When reality disappoints us

When reality disappoints us “The tension between your experience and your expectation is stress.” Ed Halliwell When I heard these words as part of Ed’s keynote speech at the Mindful Living Show last summer they really struck a chord with me. And they’ve stayed with me ever since. Much of the worry, the stress and… Read more about When reality disappoints us

The podcast for overthinkers

Pressing Pause: the podcast for overthinkers It’s been a very long time in the planning and I am utterly thrilled to finally be able to share with you that I have started a podcast! Welcome to Pressing Pause, the podcast for overthinkers. On Wednesdays each week I will post an episode around ten minutes long focusing on… Read more about The podcast for overthinkers

Get out of your head and into your life

Get out of your head and into your life You know that feeling where you’re constantly playing catch-up and at the end of each day you wonder where the time went. Where it feels like everyone else (especially on social media) has it all together and sorted while you feel a disorganised mess. Where you… Read more about Get out of your head and into your life

How to stop apologising for everything

How to stop apologising for everything How often do you say ‘sorry’? I’m guessing it’s more than you think. When you want to squeeze by someone blocking the aisle in the supermarket: “Sorry, would you mind if I squeeze by please?” When you need to get someone’s attention: “Sorry, can I just ask…” When you… Read more about How to stop apologising for everything

Overthinkers welcome here

Overthinkers welcome here Do you find yourself going over and over the same thoughts, getting stuck in a cycle that’s hard to shift out of? Do you think that if you just keep working away at a problem in your head a solution will eventually appear? Do you catch yourself replaying a conversation or analysing… Read more about Overthinkers welcome here

Begin 2018 with The Warm Embrace

Begin 2018 with The Warm Embrace The Warm Embrace is a free, seven-day e-course to help you start the new year feeling optimistic not overwhelmed. I first ran this course last year and it has such an overwhelmingly positive response I knew I wanted to share it with you again this year. The Warm Embrace… Read more about Begin 2018 with The Warm Embrace

Coping with Christmas

Coping with Christmas Christmas is about family and merriment and quality time together and being really jolly happy. Isn’t it? Well, that’s not necessarily how it feels. I know that trying to do everything, be everywhere and make everyone happy sends your stress levels rocketing. You’ve told me that you need help managing the stress… Read more about Coping with Christmas