Coping With Christmas

You want to enjoy Christmas but…

  • You seem to be in charge of everything from shopping to entertaining to present wrapping to organising the diary
  • You feel responsible for making sure Christmas is perfect and everyone's happy
  • You get stuck trying to please everyone and not let anyone down
  • Your needs get pushed to the bottom of the pile
  • You feel guilty when spending time with family and friends feels overwhelming and exhausting
  • You want to enjoy Christmas, to feel relaxed and calm, but the lead-up and the big day leaves you feeling more frazzled than festive

Let's make this year different. It's absolutely possible for you to manage the overwhelm along with your expectations, soothe your stressed nerves, cope with Christmas stress, take care of yourself as well as everyone else, enjoy the festive season more and create the calm Christmas you want.

What kind of Christmas do you want?

You can feel more calm,
relaxed and in control this Christmas

In the Coping with Christmas self-paced, online course we will explore:

  • the challenges that get in the way of you having the Christmas you want
  • the obstacles that stop you from feeling the way you want
  • the practical action you can take to make this Christmas different to previous years

We'll look at:

  • how you can take care of your own needs
  • while still looking after everyone else
  • ways to manage the juggling act of doing ALL the things 

We'll not shy away from the difficulties the festive season can bring, the tension, heartache and sadness.

And we'll bring back the fun! Exploring ways you can create the relaxed, calm, joy-filled Christmas you want in ways that work for you.

Swap festive frazzle for fun

What you get

  • Instant, lifetime access to the complete course the moment you sign up so you can take it all at your own pace
  • The option to listen to recordings of the lessons as well as read them so the course content is super accessible
  • Printables, guided meditations and a digital care kit for practical support
  • Knowledge, guidance and actions to empower you to manage your overwhelm, soothe your nerves, cope with Christmas stress and, crucially, enjoy the festive season

Every other month I hold 1:1 office hours and during that time you can message me through Voxer – a free walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages – about anything that's come up for you in the course and I'll reply to you with a personalised response. Dates and times for the bi-monthly Voxer office hours, and how to join in, will be shared via email.

“Gabrielle has the knowledge and know-how plus she’s been there and knows what we go through first hand. I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done so far. It’s helped me in so many ways.”
– Nicola

What this course will do… and what it won't

Coping with Christmas won't miraculously make your Christmas perfect. And anyone who tells you that they can make anything in life perfect isn't being entirely truthful! It won't have a solution for every possible family argument, it won't magic money into your bank account or add an extra six hours to your day.

What this course will do is:

  • empower you to get clear on your thoughts and expectations around the festive season
  • identify what you really want to do and how you want to feel
  • explore what you find challenging
  • and it will provide tools, information, inspiration and action steps to create the peaceful and joyful Christmas you really want

“Gabrielle's deep knowledge of how we think and positive psychology is a breath of fresh air. Everything she shares is authentic, uplifting and genuinely helpful.”
– Al

Coping with Christmas FAQs

As soon as you complete your purchase of this course you get access to Coping with Christmas in its entirety. 

For the lifetime of the course, 12 months at the very least, most likely several years!

The course is stored in a secure, private, online classroom so you need a computer, tablet or smartphone to read or listen to the course content and download the worksheet PDFs. 

And a printer if you want to print the worksheets but you can just write on paper instead.

As soon as you purchase Coping with Christmas you'll have instant access to the whole course in the private classroom where you’ll find the written and audio content available to you.

It's a self-paced course so you can go at your own pace.

Yes! You can take this self-paced course at your own pace. There is no timetable, no pressure and no falling behind.

Not at all. There are only two short meditations and, like everything in this course, you choose what you do or don't do.

If you’ve tried meditation before and aren’t sure about it, I’d say give it another go. The couple of meditations are there to support you, not stress you out, and I guide you through them in the audio.

You don’t need anything but yourself and no sitting cross-legged, incense burning or chanting is required. Unless you want to.

You can read feedback from previous participants of my courses, with details of their experience and how the courses have impacted their lives, on this page.

I created Coping with Christmas so you can feel less stress and more joy this festive season

As someone who spent several years visiting four houses on Christmas Day alone (an overly-responsible, perfectionist, people-pleaser, moi?!) I know just how overwhelming the festive season can be.

Understanding what was behind my Christmas stress, identifying what would create more peace and joy for me at this time of year and taking action to make it happen, revolutionised my experience of the festive season (I know that sounds grandiose but, really, it did).

The ripple effect is that everyone around me gets a much better version of me too, one that's more relaxed, appreciative, present and happier! So it isn't just me who benefits.

“I appreciated the opportunity to learn strategies from Gabrielle which helped me to organise and plan. Gabrielle’s calm presence and logical mindset helped me to develop a strategy for moving forward and gave me the confidence to make my ideas happen.”
– Amanda

A bit about me

I help caring, empathetic, big-hearted women who feel overwhelmed by everything they have to and are expected to do, who feel like they're not in control of their own lives any more, to feel calm, present, confident and, ultimately, happier.

Through my range of online courses and workshops I've helped more than 2,100 people to ditch the overwhelm and find more joy.

As an empathetic introvert and lifelong overdoing people-pleaser myself I have spent years learning, experimenting and practising the teachings of positive psychology to discover how I could feel more relaxed and present, more in control and really enjoy my life in my own way.

It's because of this research and direct experience, along with training to become a certified life coach, that I'm able to empower you to experience more joy and ease each day.

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