Coping with Christmas
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Coping with Christmas is a free series that will help you to spend less of your time feeling stressed and overwhelmed by Christmas and more time enjoying the festive season.

Starting Friday 1 December you will receive seven emails, delivered directly to your inbox on Fridays and Tuesdays until Friday 22 December. There will be a recording of each email so you can listen to me read it aloud to you if you prefer.

Included in the series are practical and doable ideas and tips, as well as resources such as printables and meditations, to help you manage the challenges Christmas can create with a little less stress and a lot more joy.

All of the Coping with Christmas content will be here on my blog too.

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“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiration. I always look forward to your e-mails. I know there will be something there to increase my happiness and optimism.”
– Shannon

While an element of worry is healthy in our lives, it keeps us safe, when worry turns into overthinking, brooding and ruminating, it can get in the way of really enjoying our lives and experiencing ease and contentment in our everyday.

There are proven actions we can take to worry less and enjoy life more. It doesn’t need to involve big, radical changes, scientific research and studies have found methods that everyone can employ to make worrying a healthy, unobtrusive part of life, improve wellbeing and feel greater life satisfaction.

It’s these actions and strategies that I share with you in my online courses. By giving you the knowledge, the reasoning behind it and the tools to implement, I put the power into your own hands to worry less and enjoy life more.