Pressing Pause

Episode #21

Why overthinkers are so good at striving (and why that’s not such a good thing)

Gabrielle Treanor


Today's Episode

As overthinkers we spend a lot of time fast forwarding into the future and as soon as we’ve reached a goal or made it through a difficulty we’re straight onto thinking about what’s next. Constantly striving forward means that we’re missing out on the joy and contentment in our lives right now.

In this episode we look at:

  • How we move the goalposts so we’re always looking to what’s going to happen next
  • What is destination addiction and hedonic adaptation
  • What we can do to combat striving and feel more joy in the everyday
  • How mindfulness, gratitude and savouring play a role


  • Episode 3: The life-changing power of feeling grateful
  • Episode 4: How to take micro mindful moments in your day
  • Episode 7: How noticing the little things creates calm and joy
  • Episode 9: The truth about controlling worry

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