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Break the People-pleasing Habit

Here's what you don't want:

  • To risk someone being disappointed in you
  • To ever be thought of as unhelpful
  • To be seen as disagreeable or rocking the boat

And here's what you do want:

  • To avoid conflict and keep the peace
  • To fix and make things better for everyone
  • To be well thought of and liked, to be seen as helpful, kind, generous, a good person

You want to make people happy – what’s wrong with that?

Well, in theory not a lot, BUT…

  • when it uses so much of your energy, your time, your resources
  • when it sucks up your calm, your peace and your joy
  • so that you’re left exhausted, overwhelmed and resentful

…there IS something wrong with that.

Many of us know when we’re people-pleasing – you don’t like how it feels or the effect it has on you – but that doesn’t mean you know how to not do it.

You don’t know how to break the people-pleasing habit – until now.

This is exactly what we’re doing to do in the FREE 5-day Break the People-pleasing Habit mini course!