Want to worry less and enjoy your life more?

Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself…

Getting stuck in an overthinking whirlwind…
Worrying what other people think of you…
Being scared to feel happy in case something goes wrong…
Taking care of everyone and everything…
Raking over the past again and again…
What if-ing the future…

It’s exhausting and overwhelming!

You’ve had enough of wishing things were different, of trying to keep it together and of feeling like life is passing you by

You’re in the right place

"Your presentation style is easy, digestible and a pleasure to read. I love how you share research examples with personal perspective and in such a soothing manner."
– Karin

Imagine a world where you could…

  • Stop feeling like a slave to your overthinking brain

  • Quiet your thoughts and soothe your nerves

  • Relax and not feel responsible for every little thing in life

  • Feel free of the need to have everything planned in case of all possible doomsday scenarios

  • Understand what's going on in your whirlwind mind

  • Have the tools to deal with your thoughts and cope better with life

  • Feel calmerlightermore resilient and to enjoy your life's happening now

You CAN achieve all of this

"Your words of wisdom help to restore my sense of equilibrium."
– Sandie

Here’s how:

Worry Less for Life

How to calm your mind, build resilience & enjoy life more

Worry Less for Life is my most thorough, researched, in-depth and comprehensive course that will give you everything you need to discover how to calm your mind, build resilience and enjoy life more. 

Everything I have learned, researched and practised from positive psychology, coaching and my own experience has been poured into this course.

Through this course I share tools, strategies, techniques and actions, backed up by positive psychology, to empower you to calm your overthinking, feel better able to cope with life’s curveballs and to really enjoy your life as it’s happening in this moment. 

“Gabrielle is an insightful coach whose deep knowledge of how we think and positive psychology is a breath of fresh air. Everything she shares is authentic, uplifting and genuinely helpful.”

Here’s what’s included:

Lifetime access to all modules

Worry Less for Life focuses on three key building blocks.


First we look at how to calm your mind – addressing the issues around people-pleasing, self-care, worrying what others think, overwhelm, foreboding joy, sleep, social media and the roles of mindfulness and meditation.


Then we build your resilience – working on mindset, developing self-compassion, dealing with emotional upheaval, self-talk, gratitude and control issues.


And the previous two building blocks allow you to then discover how you can enjoy your life more – through creativity, play, connections, adventure, intentions and daily habits.

Course Calls

We will gather online fortnightly for live calls to work through the course so far. If you can’t make the live calls, you will be able to catch the recordings. The calls will be on Zoom, a free online video service.

Actionable Worksheets

Throughout the course there will be worksheets and resources to put what you’re learning into action and keep you moving forward.

Private Facebook Group

A safe place where our community can connect, get and give support. (The group is optional, if you’re not a Facebook user you won’t miss out.)

"Gabrielle has a rich wisdom that she shares generously and you can sense the heartfelt nature of what she offers."
– Katharine

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be learning

The course is divided into three building blocks: calm your mind, build resilience, enjoy life more. Each building block has four modules, one per week. Each week's module focuses on a different topic with content to read and listen to in the online classroom.

Building Block 1 - Calm Your Mind




We’ll look at how by being mindful you can increase your awareness of how and what you’re thinking and so start to address it




We’ll explore how to create space between you and your whirring thoughts to calm the whirlwind, through meditation




We’ll take this big topic and break it down into practical ways that self-care can support you to worry less and reduce your overthinking



Life online

By examining your social media and digital device use you’ll learn how to create a healthier relationship with the world in your phone

Building Block 2 - Build Resilience




We’ll explore the role that self-compassion has to play in enabling you to cope with challenges as well as how to put it into practice




We’ll focus on the conversations you have with yourself and how to create a more supportive inner dialogue

Halfway through the course we take a rest week




Developing a growth mindset is invaluable to building resilience so we’ll look at how you can strengthen your mindset in a variety of ways




We’ll explore how the powerful practice of gratitude builds resilience so you can set up your own simple, beneficial habit

Building Block 3 - Enjoy Life More




We’ll look at the importance of play and creativity, and how we can incorporate it into our lives




We’ll explore ways adventure can create and increase the opportunities to experience joy in everyday life




We’ll examine the value of connections, what it means in our daily lives and its role as a source of joy




We’ll look at how you can be more intentional and embed these building blocks to continue into your future of worrying less

And there’s more – Bonuses:

Enrolling in Worry Less for Life will not only give you lifetime access to all the modules, recorded videos, transcripts and worksheets, but you’ll also get over £100 worth of bonuses, for free. Including…

Your Worry Less for Life First Aid Kit

Resources and guidance to deal with overthinking emergencies such as catastrophising, overwhelming world events and sleepless nights.

A Thankful Heart - A 21-day gratitude practice course with optional coaching session

You’ll get access to this self-study course when Worry Less for Life has finished.

Registration for Worry Less for Life is open until 29th March 2019. The live course is 13 weeks (includes a mid-way rest week) and runs from 1st April - 30th June 2019.

Once the course is complete. you’ll have access to the entire course materials inside the member classroom, which you can visit and review as often as you like. 

“Gabrielle is so calming, she makes me feel I can do the things she suggests to help my overthinking. I’ve tried too long on my own.”
– Lesley

You have a choice

You could continue to figure all this out on your own, which would take even the most committed of people years (that was me and it did take years).


You could join Worry Less for Life and allow me to help you get to where you want to be in life.

What if just one technique in Worry Less for Life…

helps you quiet your thoughts and soothe your nerves?

What if just one strategy in Worry Less for Life…

empowers you to feel stronger and better able to cope with life?

What if just one idea in Worry Less for Life…

allows you to be more present and experience more joy each day?

What would a change like that over your lifetime be worth?

This is your chance to finally start living the life you’ve been dreaming of

“Gabrielle has helped me to feel less alone and so warmly accepted. Everything she shares is supportive and practical not to mention inspiring! You feel as though you’re reading from and listening to someone who truly does understand.”
– Amelia

A little about me, the creator of this course

For most of my life I lived in my head – overthinking, rehashing the past, what if-ing the future and thinking that if I could just keep control of all that’s going on everything and everyone would be okay.

Gabrielle Treanor with Georgie the Dog

And then, things changed, I changed. I’d had enough of feeling stuck in my head and I was done with overthinking everything. I wanted to feel freedom in my life and I was ready to take action. I discovered the field of positive psychology, I learned everything I could from mindset to self-compassion, from mindfulness to gratitude, from self-talk to meditation, and I experimented with everything I discovered on myself. Through trial and error I learned how to untangle myself from my thoughts, to soothe my whirring brain, to feel calmer, lighter, less stressed, to cope better with challenges and to really participate in my life, feeling more joy each day.

I’m still a deep thinker. I still care greatly about the people and world around me. There are times when I catch myself what if-ing but it’s okay because I can recognise when it’s helpful and, most importantly, when it’s not, and I know how to help myself before my brain spirals off into an overthinking whirlwind. 

It’s because of the journey I’ve been on that I can share how you can worry less and enjoy life more (without the years of study, experimentation, trial and error). I’m a certified life coach having trained with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, as well as completing positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute, mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, plus I’ve completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education Program with the Neuroscience Academy.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your head, like you’re always going to be a worrier and that you’ll never be able to relax enough to really enjoy what’s going on in your life. And I know that none of this is true, it is possible to calm your mind, worry less and enjoy life more.

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You’re Protected With My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value out of this course. I’ll back that up with my risk-free guarantee.

Here’s how it works:
Participate fully in the Worry Less for Life course for 30 days and if by 12pm on 30th April 2019 you don’t feel I’ve delivered value — just email me, showing me your completed worksheets and I’ll issue you a full refund.


“I think Gabrielle is a wonderful genuine coach. She has the knowledge and know-how plus she’s been there and knows what we go through first hand. I can’t thank Gabrielle enough for what she’s done so far. It’s helped me in so many ways”.
– Nicola

Still not sure? Are you thinking…

I don’t have the time to read all the material

I understand that committing time to following this course may feel challenging – you have a busy life with responsibilities. Which is why you have the option to listen to the lessons, as well as read them, because I know it can help to listen while you do something else like drive to work or prepare a meal. 

I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up

There is no pressure to keep up with the course. While it helps to keep your momentum and motivation going if you need to go at your own pace you’re absolutely welcome to. You have lifetime access to the course, and all future updates, so you have all the content, recordings and resources to use whenever you choose. 

I'm not sure now's the right time

I know it can seem daunting to tackle something as overwhelming as your overthinking. I know you may feel that life needs to calm down first, that you need to not be so busy. But when is the right time? When does life ever go perfectly smoothly – for anyone?! While you wait for the perfect moment you continue just as you are – stuck in overthinking, feeling stressed and under pressure, only half living your life without the joy you want and deserve to feel.

Worry Less for Life is for you…

… if you have had enough of worrying about everyone and everything and you’re ready to take action to free your mind from the chains of overthinking, to try new ideas and create new habits, and you're ready to put into practice the techniques, tools and strategies shared in this course to empower you to live your life with more calm and joy.

Worry Less for Life is NOT for you…

… if you want a quick magic fix that will make life easy and perfect (I won't promise that because an easy, perfect life doesn’t exist) and if you aren’t ready to put what you read and hear into practice. This course won't miraculously make you worry free but it will give you the solid foundation and tools to empower you to worry less and enjoy life more. If you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or depression this course may not be suitable for you.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

You know how frustrating and stressful it feels to have a million thoughts running around your head, to feel like you have to be in control of every detail to make sure everyone and everything is okay, to get stuck going over the past, to What If about the future, to worry that you can’t cope and to feel like you’re missing out on your own life as it passes you by. You know how that feels because that’s where you are now. 

You need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’re doing now.

Things can be different

You can feel differentcalmer, stronger, happier. By the end of this three month course, you will have the tools, resources, skills, information and inspiration to worry less, calm your mind, build resilience and enjoy life more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not a good time for me right now, can I join later?

I will be running Worry Less for Life again but I haven't settled on a date yet. Plus, the course may develop over time and so there's a chance the price will increase in the future. 

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can in three monthly instalments to help you to spread the cost. Click on one of the Join Worry Less for Life Now buttons on this page and you’ll be taken to a payment screen. You can pay for the course using your debit or credit card, or with a Paypal account if you have one.
Once your payment has been made you will receive confirmation by email along with information for how to access the private classroom. You’ll also receive an email from me asking you to confirm your subscription to the course so that you can be sent any course-related emails.

What do I need for this course?

You'll need a phone, tablet or computer with an online connection to read and listen to the course material, and join in the fortnightly coaching call (you'll receive an email with the link to join the Zoom call). A printer if you choose to print any of the course material. Plus a willingness to do the work and put into practice what you learn.

How much time do I need for the course?

It's tricky to say because everyone does things at different speeds and there's no pressure to keep up, you can take this at your own pace. You could spend 1 hour a week on reading or listening to all of the content and completing the worksheets but how much time you take is entirely up to you. 

This course is very much about putting what you learn into action while you go about your everyday life, blending it into your day rather than tasks that are separate to your daily life.

I’m just not sure I’m ready to make this investment…

I understand this can feel like a big investment of time and money. But it's also an investment in yourself. Not only will you benefit – through this course you'll learn how to spend less time worrying, feel more calm and better able to cope when life gets difficult, and to feel more joy in your everyday – your family, friends, workmates, even your community will benefit from a calmer, stronger, happier you. It's an important decision to make, and only you can decide if you want to take this step to live life as you truly want to.

Can I get a refund?

Because I'm confident that if you commit to this course, if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value from this course I'm backing it up with my risk-free guarantee. Participate fully in the Worry Less for Life course for 30 days and if by 12pm on 30th April 2019 you don't feel I've delivered value just email me, showing me your completed worksheets and I'll issue you a full refund. After 12pm on 30th April 2019 no refund will be issued.

What do people who have already taken your courses feel about their experience?

You can read feedback from previous participants of my courses, with details of their experience and how the course has impacted their lives, on my Kind Words page.

If you have a question that has not been answered,
please email me at gabrielle@gabrielletreanor.com

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