Worry less & enjoy life more with gratitude practice

Noticing and appreciating the good in the everyday plays a key role in helping us to worry less and enjoy life more. Making gratitude practice a habit, making it part of my everyday routine, is the most effective step I’ve taken to bringing more joy into my life. It’s simple and it’s powerful and by creating a meaningful gratitude practice you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying life too.

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“Gabrielle has taught me the power of gratitude, which, with practice, has helped retrain my mind to focus on the positives, no matter how small or big they might be.”
– Danielle


Research studies have found that cultivating an attitude of gratitude not only helps you find more joy in the everyday but also builds your resilience to deal with life’s difficulties. The benefits of a thankful mindset are far reaching.

Grateful people

  • experience more joy, optimism and enthusiasm
  • cope better with stress
  • are healthier and recover more quickly from illness
  • are more generous and helpful
  • feel a greater sense of purpose
  • are more resilient to adversity

Gratitude is not about being indebted or beholden to anyone. It’s about being aware of the good in our lives, in others, in the world around us. By feeling and expressing appreciation for what you have in your life you are more mindful of your connections with others, you’re more aware of your thoughts, words and actions to yourself and those around you, and you are able to recognise and savour the good in your life, however insignificant those moments may appear. All of which has been found by countless studies to have a significant positive impact on your wellbeing.

Practising gratitude has become second nature to me. Throughout the day I’m aware of what I have to be thankful for, whether it’s something fundamental like working from my home studio or seemingly trivial like my dog snoozing next to me. And writing in my gratitude journal at night is as integral a part of daily life as brushing my teeth.

A Thankful Heart
Course details

A Thankful Heart is a three-week online course designed to make gratitude an integral part of your everyday life. It’s 21 days long because studies have shown that noticeable changes can occur within three weeks of daily gratitude practice.

In this course I will teach you how to express thanks in ways that feel comfortable and are effective in improving your mood, and how to make gratitude a habit as much a part of your daily routine as drinking your morning cuppa.

What practising gratitude does is move our focus away from rumination and worry. It helps us to look at the bigger picture and broaden our perspective. It enables us to recognise what’s good in our world, paying attention to it and expressing our gratitude for it. And it’s this practice that empowers us to spend less of our time worrying and more time enjoying our lives as they are right now.

When you join the course you will receive an email each day for 21 days with gratitude prompts and guidance. During the course we will explore different ways of practising gratitude including journaling, letter writing, visualisations, savouring and reflecting.

What you’ll need
  • about 15 minutes of your time each day
  • a phone, tablet or computer to read the emails and listen to the visualisations
  • a notebook to write in
  • a readiness to explore how practising gratitude can help you to worry less and enjoy life more

“A Thankful Heart really opened my eyes to all the smaller things around me to be thankful for. It’s helped me make gratitude practice a part of my everyday. The course has helped me to see the beauty in the everyday.”
– Amanda

What this course will do… and what it won’t do

A Thankful Heart will empower you to create a meaningful gratitude practice that puts joy at the heart of your life. Through regular, consistent gratitude practice you will become more resilient and better able to deal with life’s difficulties and stresses. You’ll notice the good things in life more readily, brush off life’s smaller irritations, cope better with the bigger challenges, worry less and enjoy life more.

This course won’t instantly make life easy and wonderful. Nothing does that! You won’t develop a lasting gratitude practice by just reading the emails without taking action. It’s called a gratitude practice because it takes practice to train your brain to look for the positives in life. The good news is that the more you do it the easier it becomes and the more joy you can bring into your life. Everyone has the power to increase the joy they feel on a daily basis and this course will give you the tools to do just that.

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A bit about me

I’ve spent a considerable chunk of my life researching and experimenting to find out how we can live with more ease, joy and contentment
My journey into self-development and wellbeing has not been an easy one – I’ve been a worrier all my life and, at times, let it get the better of me. But, several years ago I decided that however daunting it felt, I wanted to live my life on my terms. Through my research into positive psychology, exploring and experimenting in my own life, I’ve discovered how we can all thrive in our lives by worrying less and experiencing more contentment, positivity, peace and joy.
Everything I teach is inspired by and created from proven scientific research in the field of positive psychology and my own experiences. As well as my own research I’ve studied mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, and I’ve completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education Program with the Neuroscience Academy. What I teach is practical, applicable, realistic and doable.
If you’d like to find out more about me check out my About page.

Gabrielle Treanor
A Thankful Heart FAQs
A Thankful Heart is a self-study course so it begins as soon as you sign up. The course lessons arrive in your inbox every day for 21 consecutive days.
Click on one of the Join Now buttons on this page and you’ll be taken to a payment screen. You can pay for the course using your debit or credit card, or with your Paypal account.
Once your payment has been made you will receive confirmation by email. You’ll also receive an email from me asking you to confirm your subscription to the course so that you can be sent all the course content emails.
The first course email you receive is an introduction to A Thankful Heart. Then, for the following 21 days you will receive a lesson a day by email, at around the same time.
If you join A Thankful Heart before the end of July 2017 you will also receive a gratitude journal in the post.
A Thankful Heart is three weeks long because research studies have shown that the benefits of gratitude practice, such as increased positivity and lowered stress levels, can be felt in three weeks of daily practice.
Practising gratitude takes less time than you think, only a few minutes a day and the benefits to you vastly outweigh the effort. Saying you don’t have time for gratitude is like saying you don’t have time for joy.
Gratitude practice doesn’t require a big time commitment and this course needs only around 15 minutes of your time each day. As your gratitude habit becomes more established you’ll find it easier to recognise what there is to be thankful for in your day. And your happiness will increase.
A Thankful Heart begins when you sign up to it. The first course email you receive is an introduction to gratitude practice. Then, every day for 21 days you receive an email with that day’s lesson. Most of the emails will include material to read and a few of them will include audio recordings to listen to. The emails are for you to keep, print, file forever and you can download the recordings to save too.
• Around 15 minutes a day for 21 days.
• A phone, tablet or computer to receive and read the emails and listen to the audio recordings.
• A notebook or gratitude journal to write in.
• A readiness to explore how practising gratitude can help you to worry less and enjoy life more.
Because it helps you to worry less and enjoy life more. It’s that simple. Gratitude enables you to focus on the positives in your life and the impact of this is huge. Research over several years has found that practising gratitude regularly:
• makes you more resilient and able to deal with life’s challenges
• lowers stress levels
• decreases feelings of depression
• increases feelings of joy, hope, optimism and enthusiasm
• makes you more helpful, generous and feel a greater connection with others
• boosts your immune system
Not at all. Gratitude is simply recognising something positive in your life and appreciating it. Gratitude practice means making time on a regular basis to recognise, appreciate and be thankful for the good in your life.
Whatever is happening in your life, however a tough time you might be experiencing, gratitude practice will help you through it by enabling you to and something positive in each and every day. Gratitude is about being aware of and appreciating the tiny, seemingly unimportant moments in our days that are good. It’s not about celebrating big achievements or bringing new shiny things into our lives.
A cup of tea, the sun shining, a tasty lunch, a funny film, your train running on time, a stranger holding the door for you – all these small moments are worthy of your recognition and gratitude. Through gratitude practice you’ll notice these little things, be thankful for them, and so show yourself there is good in a difficult day. And it’s this awareness of the positive that helps you to spend less time worrying and more time seeing the joy there is in life.
A Thankful Heart is for people just like you, by the end of the course you’ll see just how much good is in your life, and how being more aware of it helps you to enjoy your life more.