Word for 2017: Connect

Word for 2017: Connect



Do you choose a word for the year? I’ve been doing this for the past few years and previous words have included grow, positive, share and balance. For 2017 my guiding word is connect.

The idea behind choosing a word, or a phrase, for a period of time like a year, is to help give you focus. A word that really resonates with you, is meaningful, perhaps challenges you a little, can be really helpful. It reminds you of how you want to feel, be or act. It isn’t a word to feel beholden to, or something that you feel you should feel or act when it’s not what you really want.

You can choose any word, there are plenty of them, that feels right for you and use it to live the way you want to in the coming year. You don’t need to tell anyone or you can shout it out to everyone you know. In previous years I’ve found it incredibly helpful to have a word to bring me back to my intention for the year. To act as a guide to how I want to feel and behave.

So, this year my word is connect. And already it’s proving to be a truly great word for 2017. Four days in and I feel like I’m really coming from a place of connection. Two things that are fuelling this are my Instagram community challenge, #SavouringJanuary2017, and my free e-course, The Warm Embrace. So many people are joining in with either or both it’s just wonderful.

I’m discovering and connecting with lots of new to me Instagrammers through sharing our interpretations of the daily #SavouringJanuary2017 prompts. I’m already getting feedback on The Warm Embrace free e-course even though we’re only a few days into it. It’s sparking conversations online and I’m learning more about what’s challenging your happiness at the moment and what you’re looking for support with. And that being able to listen to a course email instead of reading it can be very useful!

You can find out more about #SavouringJanuary2017 and see the prompts here, and join in any time on Instagram (I’m @gabrielletreanor). All the info on The Warm Embrace and easing into 2017 with self-kindness can be found here.

And you, dear reader, I want to connect with you more this year. What are the challenges you experience with living the happy and contented life you want? How can I support you with realising, creating and savouring more moments of joy through what I post here on the blog, resources I add to the Nook of Inspiration, and through more in-depth e-courses? You can connect with me in lots of ways – leave a comment on this blog post, email me at gabrielle@gabrielletreanor, and get in touch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m also looking within and exploring how mindfulness can help me connect more with my thoughts, my presence in daily life, how I want to feel and be, what I want to do this year. There’s also the opposite word to consider – disconnect – what do I want to disconnect from to allow me to live my best life with intention, fulfilment and connection.

There are a wealth of possibilities for connection offline as well as online and I’m excited to see how this year unfolds, and how my guiding word plays a part.

If you want some guidance on how to choose a word for the year take a look at Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word free course, or Ali Edwards’ One Little Word. And, I’ve just discovered that Ali and I have chosen the same word for the year – connect!

If you choose a word for this year I would love hear about it so do feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. Coffee on 11th January 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Last year I choose less > less weight, less clutter, less stress. This year I choose `care` because I didn´t manage all I want. So I care about all these things.

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