Take a look inside Be Here Now mindful living e-course

Take a look inside Be Here Now mindful living e-course


Take a look inside Be Here Now – a practical guide to living mindfully e-course, class begins on Monday 10 April and you can register here now. Be Here Now is about practical action you can take as you go about your everyday, to better realise the good stuff in your life as it is now, and by doing so to experience more contentment and joy.

This course will empower you to:

  • Have more positive and meaningful connections and relationships with family, friends and work colleagues
  • Establish healthy boundaries with your use of digital devices and attitude towards social media
  • Cope better with, and reduce, feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Be kinder to yourself in your words and actions
  • Increase your enjoyment of your home and local environment
  • Focus your time and energy on what you find fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable
  • Increase the contentment, meaning and joy you feel every day

The 3-week course is filled with years of my learning and experience, it includes 21,000+ words delivered in 10 emails with 9 worksheets and 5 guided meditations and it costs the same as a 1 hour massage. The impact of this course will last significantly longer (you can keep your clothes on too). You can take Be Here Now at your own pace, you can read or listen to me read the course to you and it’s yours to keep forever.

Find out all about Be Here Now, see if it’s a good fit for you, and register your place here.

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