Take a look inside A Thankful Heart gratitude e-course

Take a look inside A Thankful Heart gratitude e-course



*A Thankful Heart is now only available within The Calm Mind Club where all members get access to the 21-day course for free. Click here to join*

Gratitude practice makes such a difference to our lives. It's really had a huge effect on me, helping me to find more joy in everyday life, to react more calmly to difficult situations, and to be so much more appreciative of all the good things, however large or small, in my life.

Essentially gratitude practice has made me a happier person. It's that simple.

Which is why I created the e-course, A Thankful Heart, to help you create a gratitude practice that means you feel more happiness and are more resilient to life's upheavals. Gratitude practice has had a big positive impact on me and I want you to benefit too.

To give you a little insight into the e-course here is a peek into the introduction email you'll receive just before the course begins:

What is gratitude practice?
A gratitude practice means making time on a regular basis to recognise, appreciate and be thankful. Just like practising the piano or a new language, practising gratitude consistently makes it easier to feel grateful, trains your brain to think more positively and increases your happiness.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence that shows specifically writing down what you’re grateful for has significant benefits. We think faster than we can write so putting your thoughts into words on paper slows down the thinking process, helps you organise your thoughts and gives more meaning to them.

Really considering what you’re grateful for, reflecting, remembering and savouring those moments will give you a deeper practice with greater meaning for you. Jotting down a list as fast as you can to get it done will have little impact on your wellbeing and happiness.

The benefits of a regular gratitude practice
Cultivating an attitude of gratitude, through regular practice, makes you more resilient when difficulties arise. When life is going well gratitude helps us to recognise and celebrate the good times. When adversity hits our lives a grateful attitude helps us to see the bigger picture, not be overwhelmed by the present circumstances and to feel hope for the future. Whether you’re dealing with minor irritations or major life-changing events, developing a grateful attitude through consistent gratitude practice will make you better able to deal with them.

The benefits come from the act of writing down what you are grateful for, and from doing that every day, not just once in a while. A grateful attitude, and its benefits, doesn’t come from a quick blast of gratitude for a short period of time. It’s developed through regular, consistent and continuous practice. You won’t have healthy teeth if you brush them really well for a couple of weeks and then not bother to brush them again for a few months.

How mindfulness and savouring contribute to gratitude
An effective gratitude practice incorporates mindfulness and savouring. Practising mindfulness regularly, being present in the moment, will not only help your gratitude practice it will also reduce how stressed you feel, calm your busy mind, relax you, it can lower your blood pressure and make you less prone to feeling depressed.

Savouring is an integral part of gratitude. You can savour something by looking forward to it before it happens, while it’s happening, reminiscing about it afterwards and sharing it with others. Mindfulness, savouring and gratitude have each been shown to have a positive impact on our happiness. By being mindful of what’s happening, and savouring moments and experiences, we can more easily recognise the good in our day and feel grateful for it. And that’s why gratitude practice is the keystone of happiness.

So, A Thankful Heart is a 21-day online course, it only takes about 10 minutes of your time each day and is is only available within The Calm Mind Club where all members get access to the 21-day course for free. Click here to join.


  1. Megan Hodge on 27th November 2017 at 11:30 am


    How do i join your course and how much is it?

    Kind regards


    • Gabrielle on 27th November 2017 at 4:14 pm

      Hi Megan, A Thankful Heart will be available to join at the start of 2018. Thanks, Gabrielle

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