The idea of this Instagram photo challenge is really simple. Each day this month, use the prompt to give yourself a few moments to be mindful, to take a pause and notice what’s going on around you. By beginning 2018 with this mindfulness practice there’s a greater chance we can bring a little more awareness and intention into the rest of the year.

You can join in as much or as little as you like. Pop in and out when you it takes your fancy. Above you can see the list of photo prompts I’ve written. Simply snap a photo of your interpretation of that day’s word and post it on Instagram with #SavouringJanuary2018.

Do whatever you feel comfortable with:

– Use your phone or a camera

– Join in whenever you like during the month

– Post a picture every day or some days

– Share it on Instagram, or keep it to yourself, it’s your choice

And if you’d like to you can tag me @gabrielletreanor. I do hope you’ll join me for #SavouringJanuary2018, I can’t wait to see your mindful moments.

gabrielle april 2021
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