Running on empty

Running on empty


If I had an energy gauge the needle would be pointing to E and the warning light would be on. In the last few days an exhausted feeling has crept up on me with everything becoming an effort to do. The hubbie pointed out that we haven’t had a break longer than three days since 2014. So, am I worn out because I haven’t had a proper break in a couple of years, or does the knowledge I haven’t had a rest make me feel tired?! Probably a mix of the two but at any rate, I can feel my engine sputtering along the road, to stick with my original analogy.

What’s odd is that I’ve had bursts of creative inspiration but not the energy or the brain space to get really stuck into it. Which is frustrating because there’s lots I want to do but I feel too wiped out to do it!

I need a break.


The good news is that I’m getting one. We’re taking a whole week off soon to enjoy the, hopefully, sunny delights of Devon. We’re swapping houses with friends so while we holiday in their home they’ll be having fun in ours.

However, before Wednesday there’s work to complete, family visiting, a funeral to attend and a mega house cleaning and tidying mission for our swappers. And when we return from our little jaunt we’re busy for the following several weekends with friends visiting and family events. So there’s a lot going on!

And it’s all good, we made the choice to plan our time like this. I love my work and I love spending time with our friends and family. But as an introvert I know that social busyness zaps my energy and, with work to fit in between as well, I can easily put pressure on myself and get overwhelmed.


To create work I want to share and to make the most of being with our loved ones I need to take care of myself.

So, during the next five weeks or so I will go easy on myself and keep my expectations in check.
I will laugh, listen and watch, savouring those moments.
I will open my eyes to new and old surroundings, be curious, explore and wonder.
I will read, garden, create and read some more.
I will move, rest, dream and ponder.
I will nourish my body, mind and soul, be more mindful of how I’m feeling, thinking and being.
And every so often I will pause, breathe in, breathe out, then continue my day.

Whatever your week and month ahead look like, go gently, lovely friends.


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