Life getting on top of you? Check out my Overwhelm Checklist

Life getting on top of you? Check out my Overwhelm Checklist

When life's getting on top of you take a look at my overwhelm checklist to see what's really going on
You know that feeling when it's all getting to be a bit too much? Everything's going wrong, you don't know how to get anything done, you want to hide under the duvet and you can't see how you're ever going to get back on track.

Yep, I've had those days, plenty of them, and I'm pretty sure I'll have them again too. And because I know this, it also means I know that they don't last. There are rotten days and there are also okay days, better days, and really great days in fact. It's when you're looking longingly at the duvet that you need to be reminded of this. Recognising that life isn't actually going horribly wrong – the kids aren't turning into delinquents, your boss doesn't think you're an idiot, you're not a terrible person – but that what you're feeling is overwhelm is really helpful.

So, this is where my Overwhelm Checklist comes in to play. Before you decide that how you're feeling today is the reality of your life forever more, take a look at this list and see what applies:
• you haven't had enough quality sleep
• you haven't eaten well, grabbing snacks and not getting proper nourishment
• you've downed lots of caffeinated or sugary drinks but not much water
• you haven't spent much time outdoors breathing in fresh air
• you haven't spent time doing the things you know make you happy, they could be reading a book, baking, going for a walk, playing football with the kids, soaking in the bath…
• you've been going over and over in your head what happened or conversations had in the past
• you're worrying about what could happen in the future
• you're not paying much attention to what's going on in your world right now

Sound familiar? It's amazing how something as seemingly simple as too little or disturbed sleep, too many cups of coffee, no fresh air and ruminating about the past can effect your mood so badly, and distort your view.

When you run down this checklist and see what applies to you it's time to take action: drink a glass of water, make or find something nourishing to eat, go outside and take a few deep breaths, get out of your worrying head by doing something you know you enjoy and get an early night.

These actions won't change how much work you have to do or make bills disappear but they will reduce the feeling of overwhelm and give you more strength to deal with what life's throwing at you. By taking care of yourself you'll be better able to take care of your to do list.

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