Start your journey to a life of Less Worry and More Joy with these 6 questions

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You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and held back by worry

When your thoughts are tangled up with overthinking it’s difficult to see a way forward.

My 6-question workbook gives you the space and insight to assess where you are now, what you want your life to be and the momentum to start taking action.

  • Reflect on what’s good, as well as challenging, in your life

  • Identify what’s getting in the way of the life you want

  • Envision your dream life with less worry and more joy

“I think Gabrielle is a wonderful genuine coach. She has the knowledge and know how plus she's been there and knows what we go through first hand. I can't thank Gabrielle enough for what she's done so far. It's helped me in so many ways.”

– Nicola