Last Ever Chance to join The Calm Mind Club!

The Calm Mind Club is an online subscription – like Netflix for the mind – where you get on-demand access to a vast library of resources, experts and practical tools based in positive psychology to overcome your overwhelm so you can feel calm, confident, in control and happier.

The doors are open to join now for the final time, until 30 June.

Get 6 months full access to everything until The Calm Mind Club ends 31 December 2022.

The Calm Mind Club doors are closing soon for the FINAL time

Hands up if you want to…

  • … feel calmer and more in control of your own life and mind

  • … feel less stressed by other's expectations and demands

  • … worry less about what people think and how you should be living

  • … feel stronger and confident about being yourself and doing what feels good for you

  • … be able to access any tool, strategy or resource you need when you need it, 24/7

  • … be a happier, freer, lighter you

Welcome to The Calm Mind Club, discover how you can swap overwhelm for more calm and joy

"I'm so happy that I joined The Calm Mind Club, it's the best decision I've ever made. It gives me the tools I need to be more resilient and calmer. I'm so happy to have finally found something that works for me."
– Flora

Find peace and ease

The Calm Mind Club is a private online space where you have teaching, insight and support from me as well as guest experts, at your fingertips.

Plus practical tools and techniques including written and recorded material, printables, downloads, a resource library and exclusive offers. 

The Calm Mind Club Dashboard

What's stressing you?

The Calm Mind Club tackles 21 topics and each one includes written, audio and video content, affirmations and optional workbooks (they're like mini workshops).

Just a few of the topics are:

  • saying no without the guilt
  • worrying what others think
  • boundaries
  • people-pleasing
  • self-doubt
  • self-trust
  • comparison
  • fear of failure
  • feeling more joy
  • coping with change
  • resilience

…and there are many more.


Learn from the experts

There are 18 interviews with guest experts for you to watch/listen to on topics such as

  • nutrition and mental health
  • hormones and the monthly cycle
  • creativity for wellbeing
  • planning
  • decluttering
  • breath work
  • relationships
  • yoga
  • 'good girl' conditioning
  • boundaries

…plus more to equip you in taking care of your wellbeing.


Row 1: Pragya Agarwal, Jo Casey, Natalie Lue, Lindsey Jenkin, Karen Haller. Row 2: Lucy Lucraft, Jane Lindsey, Randi Buckley, Maisie Hill, Donna Noble. Row 3: Hannah Bullivant, Tamu Thomas, Josephine Brooks, Natalie Gaul, Paula Dear.

"I was having one of those afternoons so I thought I’d head on over to The Calm Mind Club. I felt I needed all the topics, but decided on fear of failure and getting things wrong. After reading the essay I felt a lot better and more at ease."
– Esme

Direct support and guidance

Every month you have the opportunity to ask questions and get my personal response in our Q&A. Recordings of all Q&As are available to you to watch any time you choose. (There's a wealth of information and guidance in these sessions alone.)


What's inside...

The Clam Min Club Logo

A wealth of topics

Tackling the issues and challenges that overwhelm you and take away your peace of mind with the option to read or listen to them

Topic resources

Practical tools and guidance along with workbooks, mantras and recorded video sessions (the topics are like mini workshops)


Q&As where you can ask questions and get my support and guidance, recorded to watch whenever you choose

Expert interviews

Recorded interviews with experts on a wealth of subjects to enhance your wellbeing

Resource library

Workbooks, ebooks, guided meditations, playlists, suggested books, apps and talks, additional video recordings

Special offers

Exclusive and significant discounts on my online, self-study courses and workshops

Peek inside The Calm Mind Club…

Special offers for you

As well as all the content, the topics, the guest interviews, the Q&As, the resources… as well as all of that you also get access to:

  • Exclusive member discounts on my online courses and workshops


  • On the one to one CMC Coaching Calls programme with me

All of these special offers are exclusive to members of The Calm Mind Club. 

"The Calm Mind Club really IS the Netflix of the mind. There's always a topic relevant to your situation. I was completely overwhelmed by my everyday working mom's life before I joined the Club. Gabrielle gave me the tools and the support to get out of overwhelm while taking care of myself. And I can use the tools I've learned everyday and everywhere."
– Eloise

But I've got so much on my plate, I don't know if I have the time…

I know, that's why I created this Club for you!

Because this is a subscription – like Netflix for the mind – everything is on-demand. Which means you are free to access what you want when you want it. There are no live calls to find time for, no keeping up or falling behind. All the support and resources you need are there for you whenever you need them, with zero pressure.

There's no rush. You have six whole months to explore and take it in.

And you have direct access to me through the monthly Club Q&As so you get personal support and guidance on whatever you're struggling with at that time.

You're in control

You have the option to listen to as well as read much of the content so you can take it in while driving to work, cooking dinner, tidying up, in the shower… you're in control.

Consider how much time you spend trying to be everything to everyone, taking everyone else's needs into account but not your own, while your mind is trying to juggle thoughts of everything you have to do, worrying what other people think, what if you drop the ball…? 

Now think about how much time you'll save, think about what you will gain by learning how to feel more calm, more confident and in control of your own life.

What would be the benefit to you and those around you?

"I joined The Calm Mind Club having followed Gabrielle's excellent podcasts. There are so many useful tools to try it's like a gorgeous box of chocolates that calm and soothe. I really can't say thank you enough, what a difference this is making to my life and I'm so glad I joined when I did!"
– Paula Dear

The Calm Mind Club doors are closing in…

Last Chance to Join the Club!

Doors open for the FINAL TIME until 30 June

Get 6 months full access to everything until The Calm Mind Club ends 31 December 2022.

Last Chance
single payment


Last Chance
3 Month payment plan

3 x £54

Bonus: Get a 30mins one to one call with me.
We can talk about what brought you to The Calm Mind Club and I'll give you bespoke guidance so you can get the most from the Club.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can dip in and out of The Calm Mind Club as it suits you. There is no keeping up or falling behind, and no live calls to schedule into your busy life. Learning how to be more calm, confident and in control will SAVE you time because you'll no longer be drowning in overwhelm.

Each month I record a Club Q&A where I answer members' questions. This means you can email me your question and I will give you my personal response. The Q&A recording lives in the secure and private Club site so you can watch it (and all previous Q&As) any time you choose.

You can get my personal support and guidance by emailing me your questions for the monthly Club Q&A. The Q&A recordings lives in the secure and private Club site so you can watch it (and all previous Q&As) any time you choose. 

Everything! As soon as you're a member you get access to all of it – the topics, workbooks, resources, special offers, 35+ hours of recordings including guest interviews, Q&As…

There is a Bonus section in the Club site where you can see the courses and get your discount. It's all straight forward and easy to do from within the Club site.

After three years of running The Calm Mind Club I have decided to close it at the end of this year. So by joining now you have access to everything in The Calm Mind Club, including the monthly Q&As for six months, until 31 December 2022. After that date The Calm Mind Club will close, your membership will end and the resources will no longer be available.

If you have a question that has not been answered 
please email me at [email protected]

Your calm and in control future self awaits

The Calm Mind Club is where you can breathe a sigh of relief because you've finally found what you've been looking for – guidance, inspiration, support and practical tools to empower you to feel calmer and more in charge of your own life.

And by doing so you'll be free to become the more relaxed, light-hearted, focused, present woman you really want to be (and really are deep down).

"I love being a part of The Calm Mind Club, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in myself."
– Julie

Why The Calm Mind Club?

I’ve created The Calm Mind Club so that you can get the help you need to overcome your overwhelm and feel calmer and more in control, whenever you need it. I know how powerful it is to combine information, strategies and tools based in positive psychology, with expert input and the opportunity to get direct support, plus practical resources you can put into action.

I’m bringing together my training in positive psychology coaching, mindfulness and becoming a certified coach, having more than 2,100 people go through my online courses and my life-long experience to create this Club especially for you.

The value of the Club

Those in the Club have benefited in ways that are hard to quantify. How do you put a price on confidence in speaking up for what you need and want? On feeling more peace and ease? On being more resilient? On understanding yourself better? On being able to say no when you want, on building self-trust, on letting go of comparison, on feeling more optimism and joy?

When it comes to the on-demand content The Calm Mind Club offers you – the 21 topics and accompanying resources (mini workshops in themselves), the 18 expert interviews, the 8 guided meditations, the resource library, the exclusive discounts – plus the direct access to my support and guidance in the monthly Q&A (plus 26 recorded Q&As) the value of the Club content is £1200+.

Women supporting women

As a business, I donate to Women for Women International through their Sponsor a Sister programme which works with women in war-torn places to equip them with the skills to earn money, build their confidence, take care of their health and understand their rights.

This means that when you join The Calm Mind Club, not only are you getting the help you need, you're also providing another woman with much needed support.

"Before joining The Calm Mind Club I was getting overwhelmed easily over the littlest thing. But now, for the first time, I feel seen thanks to Gabrielle and the wonderful resources of The Calm Mind Club. It's such a positive and healing go-to in my day."
– Milly Goodall

 desk study black2 sq 500

A little about me, the creator of this club

As an empathetic introvert and lifelong overdoing people-pleaser myself I have spent years learning, experimenting and practising the teachings of positive psychology to discover how I could feel calmer, more in control and enjoy my life more.

It's because of this research and direct experience, along with training to become a certified life coach, that I'm able to empower you to feel calmer and more confident in yourself, to feel more in control and better able to cope, and to enjoy your life more.

• I’m a certified life coach having trained with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy
• I've completed positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute
• I've studied mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University
• I’ve completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education Program with the Neuroscience Academy
• Through my range of online courses I've helped more than 2,100 people to ditch the overwhelm and find more joy.

My core values are kindness, curiosity, generosity, gratitude and joy.

It’s because of my journey and the values I hold that I have created The Calm Mind Club. I hope you'll join me there today.

The Calm Mind Club doors are closing in…

Last Chance to Join the Club!

Doors closing for the FINAL TIME on 30 June

Get 6 months full access to everything until The Calm Mind Club ends 31 December 2022.

Last Chance
single payment


Last Chance
3 Month payment plan

3 x £54

Bonus: Get a 30mins one to one call with me.
We can talk about what brought you to The Calm Mind Club and I'll give you bespoke guidance so you can get the most from the Club.


The Calm Mind Club is not a substitute for therapy. When worry is stopping you from basic functioning in daily life it may be advisable to speak to your GP, check out the UK Council for Psychotherapy or call Mind on 0300 1233393.

Throughout this website and my work when I refer to women I include people identifying as women.

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