Feedback Questionnaire

As our coaching work comes to a close, I find that it’s extremely useful – both for me, and my clients – to take a few moments to reflect back over our time together and explore just how much we’ve created. Honesty is a beautiful thing, and your frank feedback, thoughts and reactions are welcomed with open arms.



    Q1. What was happening in your life when we first connected? What were you struggling with, and what were you trying to create or change?

    Q2. What was the trigger or light bulb moment that made you decide to say ‘yes!’ to coaching?

    Q3. What were your expectations about working with a coach?

    Q4. How did you feel going into our first session together?

    Q5. And what had changed or become clearer for you by the end of that first session?

    Q6. Have your friends or loved ones noticed any changes in you since you began coaching? What have they said to you?

    Q7. What is the biggest change you’ve witnessed in yourself and how is it manifesting in yourself, in your life and relationships?

    Q8. Is there anything you wished we had spent more time on or anything that could have improved your coaching experience?

    Q9. If you had to describe your coaching experience in three words, what would they be?

    Q10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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