Start 2019 with less pressure and more ease


“The Warm Embrace is the best friend quietly telling you to look after yourself.” 
– Caroline

At the start of the new year…

  • You’re worn out from a busy Christmas

  • You feel a little lingering guilt over festive indulgence

  • You crave comfort and refuge from the dark and cold

  • You’re feeling the pressure to

    • set ambitious resolutions
    • go on a diet
    • start a new exercise regime
    • have goals and a plan for the year

What you really want is to glide gently into 2019 with less stress and pressure, and more joy and ease, doing what feels right for you, not what you feel you should be doing.

2019 will be different

With The Warm Embrace you can say no to strict diets, no to exhausting exercise regimes, no to long lists of resolutions, and no to guilt over Christmas indulgence. Instead, The Warm Embrace allows you to say yes to nourishing yourself, yes to enjoying life and yes to ease, calm, compassion and kindness for yourself.

Taking care of your own wellbeing isn’t selfish. In fact, your good health and happiness has a proven positive impact on those around you so by taking care of yourself you’re actually doing everyone else a favour! There’s more to self-care than taking a bath or getting an early night. It encompasses how you talk to and treat yourself, how you relate to others in life and online, how you fuel yourself, and how you react and respond to the world.

With The Warm Embrace you will take sustainable and small but valuable steps to begin the new year with optimism and intention.

“Thank you for helping me have a brilliant start to the year. I often fall victim to January blues but this year I wanted to make the choice not to. The Warm Embrace has made a significant difference.”
– Becky

More ease, less pressure with The Warm Embrace

The Warm Embrace is a seven-day series which begins in January. You can join now and from 1 January you will receive emails straight into your Inbox every day for a week. Each email focuses on a different topic to gently empower you to begin the new year as you want to rather than how you feel you’re supposed to. Plus each email includes an audio recording so you can listen as well as read for super easy access. You can take it at your own pace, this is about easing the pressure not adding to it!

Join The Warm Embrace now, for yourself or as a gift for a friend, and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll begin the new year feeling calm, assured and with intention rather than stressed, pressured and overwhelmed.

“I was feeling so pressured by everyone setting huge goals as New Year resolutions when I didn't have any drastic plans to put in place. The Warm Embrace was such a gentle way to start the year, reminding myself to love myself, be grateful and mindful of the world around me.”
– Lucy

What The Warm Embrace will do… and what it won’t

During the course of the week-long series you will get reassurance, permission, inspiration and tools to start the new year with intention, making choices that are right for you so that you can feel more calm, ease and joy. It won’t make life trouble-free or perfect because nothing can do that (and beware anyone who tells you it can!) but it will help you to take care of your own needs as well as everyone else’s.

Give yourself, or a loved one (you’ll get a digital gift voucher for your friend), the gift of The Warm Embrace and start the new year with less stress and pressure, and more joy and ease.

“As a mum of three who works part-time it’s hard to make time for myself. The Warm Embrace reminded me how important it is to take care of myself as well as everyone else and to put myself first sometimes. Thank you!”
– Kirsty

The Warm Embrace FAQs

When does the series start?

It begins on 1 January so if you buy it during December you will receive your first email of the series on 1 January and then every day for the following six days. If you join The Warm Embrace during January you will start to receive the emails from the day you join, and again, one a day for a week.

Can I buy it as a gift for someone?

Absolutely, it’s a generous and thoughtful gift to give a friend or family member. At the checkout fill in their name and email address in the relevant box. I will send you a PDF gift voucher to print or email to the recipient. They will receive The Warm Embrace email series from the 1 January if you bought it in December, or from the day you purchased if it’s during January.

How much time will this take?

You’ll receive one email a day for seven days and each email will take less than ten minutes to read or listen to. How long you spend putting the ideas and tools into action is up to you. There is no pressure to keep up with the emails, you can take as long as you like to read or listen to them and you have them to keep forever.

What do I get in each email?

Each email focuses on a different topic with a number of suggested steps or actions you can take. You will also receive a guided meditation and each email has been recorded so you can listen to the audio as well as or instead of reading the email if you prefer.

What do I need to take The Warm Embrace?

A smartphone, tablet or computer to receive email and listen to audio.

Is meditation a big part of it?

No, it is one tool that I provide you with. If you are new to meditation I encourage you to try listening to the short recording and see how you get on.

What do people who have already taken your courses feel about their experience?

You can read feedback from previous participants of my e-courses, with details of their experience and how the course has impacted their lives, on this page.    

Hi, I'm Gabrielle…

I help people who get stuck in their heads overthinking, ruminating and what if-ing everything imaginable, to calm their mind, soothe their nerves, feel better able to cope with the world and, crucially, to really live their lives with the joy and contentment they want.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your head, like you’re always going to be a worrier and that you’ll never be able to relax enough to really enjoy what’s going on in your life. And I know that none of this is true, it is possible to calm your mind, worry less and enjoy life more.

It’s time to make a change, now, because you’ve already missed out on so much of the fun, the peace, the contentment and the little moments of joy that make up the real stuff of life by living in your head. Life is passing you by. You weren’t really there at a friend’s birthday party because you were wondering what people were thinking of how you looked and what you said, whether she’d like her present and if the taxi would turn up on time. You missed the joy of seeing your child in their school play because you kept thinking about the look one of the other mums gave you or if the costume you made is good enough. You lie awake at 3am because your mind is spinning at 100mph with all the possible things that could go wrong with you and everyone you love.

You’ve had enough of feeling stuck with a million thoughts whizzing around your head, enough of trying to keep control of everything to keep everyone safe, and enough of going over and over the past and what if-ing every possible future scenario.

You want your life back, you want to feel the calm and contentment that looks so easy for everyone else and you want it now.

Welcome, you're in the right place.

Gabrielle Treanor with Georgie the Dog