On 2 June 2018 I presented an introductory session at The Mindful Living Show in London on the life-changing power of developing a gratitude attitude. In the session I shared, with practical exercises, how creating a regular gratitude practice empowers you to build your resilience, cultivate optimism, worry less and enjoy life more. I explored what gratitude practice is and the variety of ways to demonstrate it, the research backing up the effectiveness of regular gratitude practice, how to blend it into your everyday life and how it connects to mindfulness. The session includes five short exercises and I share my own experience of gratitude practice.

You now have the opportunity to enjoy a recording of my presentation, and take part in the exercises with the printable worksheet. The recording is around 23 minutes long and will be yours to keep and listen to forever.

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A bit about me

I’ve spent a considerable chunk of my life researching and experimenting to find out how we can live with more ease, joy and contentment.
   My journey into self-development and wellbeing has not been an easy one – I’ve been an overthinker all my life and, at times, let it get the better of me. But, several years ago I decided that however daunting it felt, I wanted to live my life on my terms. Through my research into positive psychology, exploring and experimenting in my own life, I’ve discovered how we can all thrive in our lives by worrying less and experiencing more contentment, positivity, peace and joy.
   More than 1,500 people have joined one or more of my online courses and by doing so learned how to worry less and enjoy life more.
   Everything I teach is inspired by and created from proven scientific research in the field of positive psychology and my own experiences. As well as my own research I’ve studied mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, Positive Psychology Coaching with the Wholebeing Institute, and completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education Program with the Neuroscience Academy. What I teach is practical, applicable, realistic and doable.
   If you’d like to find out more about me check out my About page.

Photo of Gabrielle Treanor smiling