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Bloom gives you a little taste of my online courses.
In this free course you’ll learn valuable tools to begin your journey to worrying less and enjoying life more.
The week-long course is delivered in seven emails, one a day, and includes challenges, gratitude prompts and a recorded meditation.

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“I recently signed up to the Bloom course as I felt I needed a reset which is exactly what you provided in a bite size form. And this is what I needed – a daily email reminding me of how to look after myself in order to help others. It felt like personal support helping me through a tough week.”
– Caroline

While an element of worry is healthy in our lives, it keeps us safe, when worry turns into overthinking, brooding and ruminating, it can get in the way of really enjoying our lives and experiencing ease and contentment in our everyday.

There are proven actions we can take to worry less and enjoy life more. It doesn’t need to involve big, radical changes, scientific research and studies have found methods that everyone can employ to make worrying a healthy, unobtrusive part of life, improve wellbeing and feel greater life satisfaction.

It’s these actions and strategies that I share with you in my online courses. By giving you the knowledge, the reasoning behind it and the tools to implement, I put the power into your own hands to worry less and enjoy life more.

More than 1,500 people have joined one or more of my online courses and by doing so learned how to worry less and enjoy life more. Take a look at the range of courses here and read what just a few of past course participants have to say about their experience here.