Mental wellbeing support for your remote-working staff

Reduce stress, increase engagement and boost productivity

The way in which your employees work has changed beyond recognition with the increase in remote working and restrictions on movement outside the home.

You may be addressing the technical and logistical challenges of your team working from home but what about the challenges to your staff’s mental health? The impact of poor mental wellbeing on your employees’ ability to work well and the repercussion for your business is huge.

12.8 million

The number of working days lost in 2018/19 to work-related stress, anxiety and depression
Health and Safety Executive report, October 2019

£45 billion

The cost of poor mental health to UK employers
Mental health and employers: Refreshing the need for investment, Deloitte, January 2020

Working from home does not provide immunity to stress. Isolation, loneliness, communication, motivation and structure challenges, to name a few, can all negatively impact your employees.

By providing mental wellbeing support for your staff working at home you will enable them to:

– Be engaged
– Feel motivated
– Be productive
– Cope with uncertainty and change
– Handle stress and overwhelm

AND your support will:

– Reduce sickness days
– Boost morale
– Minimise anxiety
– Create a calmer, healthier, happier workforce


The return on investment for employers investing in their staff’s mental wellbeing with an average ROI of 5.2:1
Mental health and employers: Refreshing the need for investment, Deloitte, January 2020

We’re living in uncertain times but one thing you can be sure of is that taking care of your employees’ mental wellbeing will pay dividends now and in the future.

There will be members of your team who are already struggling with working at home so before this impacts their wellbeing and their work take action now.

Mental wellbeing support for your remote-working employees

I can provide accessible and impactful online video training and one to one coaching support (via voice or video call) for your employees, to suit the needs of your organisation.

I go deeper than the standard advice on having a routine, doing some exercise, taking regular breaks and running an online team quiz once a week. What I share with your staff is grounded in positive psychology, it addresses mindset, challenging thought processes, doubts and fears. I offer exercises and practices that will benefit your employees not only in this current climate but will continue to support their mental wellbeing well into the future.

I can work with your company by providing a series of three training videos, each focusing on a different wellbeing theme, with the option of further support through group calls or coaching sessions with individual employees. There are different ways we can structure the support so it works for your organisation and your staff's needs.

With practical tools and techniques, grounded in positive psychology, your employees will be equipped to take care of their mental wellbeing enabling them to be calm, resilient, engaged, productive and happier members of your team.

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Free Covid-19 resource

A diagram I designed depicting three stages of response to the pandemic has proven useful to many organisations and businesses. You can access the full article here and you're welcome to share it with your teams, linking back to the original article.

I am providing support specifically around these stages of response for organisations. If you'd like to talk about support for your staff get in touch.

Why me?

I’m a certified mindset and positive psychology coach, in the UK, supporting you to overcome overwhelm, to feel more calm, capable and in control, and to build resilience.

My experience working in the publishing industry for 15 years, from small start-ups to global businesses like BBC Worldwide, followed by starting, building and selling my stationery business, along with my training and practice as a mindset and positive psychology coach, has equipped me with a unique set of skills and insight into the challenges employers and employees alike face.

Having moved from managing teams in busy, open plan offices to working primarily online at home I understand the challenges this adjustment poses, from creating boundaries between home and work life to finding structure and avoiding distraction to maintaining communication and workflow, and the strain it can place on your mental wellbeing.

I know firsthand how to recognise, deal with and overcome the challenges to live a purposeful, fulfilling, productive, balanced, calm and joyful life. And this is what I can share with you and your staff.


“I have taken a lot away from the session which I will be putting into practice. Something happened at work where I started to worry and stress. I ran through what you showed us and it made me feel calmer and in control.”


“When I started coaching with Gabrielle I was feeling overwhelmed. By the end of our time together I feel more confident, able, in control and I don’t get so phased by challenges.”


"Gabrielle is an insightful coach whose deep knowledge of how we think and positive psychology is a breath of fresh air. Everything she shares is authentic, uplifting and genuinely helpful. Recommended."


“I have found the whole experience transformative. Before I would get to the end of a week feeling exhausted and stressed. Now I feel my brain has slowed down and the battle to stop overthinking is getting far easier. I feel more calm than I ever have and more confident that I can reach goals.”


“I find our sessions to be very productive. I’m developing effective tools for life that will stick. It feels good to not be ruminating as much.”


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