Coping with Christmas

Coping with Christmas

Christmas is about family and merriment and quality time together and being really jolly happy. Isn’t it? Well, that’s not necessarily how it feels.

I know that trying to do everything, be everywhere and make everyone happy sends your stress levels rocketing. You’ve told me that you need help managing the stress of Christmas and so that’s exactly what I’m doing this December with my Coping with Christmas series. I’m going to help you manage the overwhelm, soothe your frayed nerves AND find ways to enjoy the festive season.

All of the Coping with Christmas materials – written, recorded and resources – will be freely available on the blog, posted over three weeks from Friday 1 December. Because this can be a super hectic time, and I want to make sure you get access to the help you need as easily as possible, I’m removing obstacles where I can. And so…

  • You’ll have the choice to listen to me read the material to you, if finding time to read it is a challenge
  • You can sign up to get everything delivered directly to you by email so you don’t have to go looking for it, simply open the email and read or listen
  • And I’m posting/emailing only twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, so this isn’t something you need to keep up with on a daily basis

How does that sound? Wouldn’t it feel good to navigate the Christmas season with less stress and more joy? Look out for the posts starting Friday 1 December or if you’d like to get the Coping with Christmas series delivered straight into your Inbox, from 1 to 22 December, simply sign up here.

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