Celebrate with me

Celebrate with me

50% off celebration offer

This is a big day for me and I want to share it with a special treat for you!

Two years ago today I launched gabrielletreanor.com and began in earnest my work to share how we can spend less time lost in our heads overthinking and worrying about stuff, and more time enjoying our lives as they are right now. In that time I have created online courses and ebooks, given workshops, been interviewed and written for magazines including Breathe and The Simple Things, been interviewed on podcasts and started my own, Pressing Pause, and I feel like I’m still only just at the start of the journey.

To celebrate this birthday I’m doing something that is a total rarity to me, and I’ve no idea if I’ll ever do this again – I’m halving the cost of my ecourse, A Thankful Heart – Worry Less and Enjoy Life More with Gratitude Practice, and my ebook, Savour the Season – Step into Spring with Mindful Intention! From now until midnight Sunday 15 April you can join A Thankful Heart and get Savour the Season for 50% off each. 

I’ve never done this before, I’m just feeling so thankful that I’m here doing this work that I love and means so much to me that I want to share this milestone with you.

Enjoy making the most of my celebratory offer before midnight Sunday!

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