The world is a LOT to deal with. Add in everything that you have going on in your own life and quickly it feels like there’s no time for you (and should you even be thinking about yourself when there’s so much difficulty and pain in the world?).

Here’s the thing: To not be overwhelmed by your own life and world events it is essential that you regulate your nervous system and take care of your emotional and mental health by actively creating moments of calm and joy. 

Only by taking care of yourself, by creating a little space in your day to savour and relish your feelings of calm and joy, will you have the resources to show up for yourself and for others in the way you want to.

This is exactly what The Calm & Joy Catalyst will empower you to do.

This is the Calm & Joy Catalyst

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Trying to carve out chunks of time in your day for yourself can feel (and be) impossible. You’ve a lot going on, you don’t have the capacity to put life on hold, much as you might like to.

So let’s drop the pressure of unrealistic expectations and break the cycle of disappointment. Instead, how does giving just 1% of your day to doing what feels calm and joyful sound?

1% of your waking hours is 10 minutes (taking out eight hours for sleep 1% is 9.6 mins in 16 hours, to be precise). 

It's just 10 minutes in your day. That’s not even the amount of time it takes to brew and drink a cup of tea!

"The Calm and Joy Catalyst is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Not only did I have the delight of discovering the variety of joyful and calming activities that will fit into 10 minutes, but with the 100 days over I still have the habit of seeing so many little joyful bursts during each day. I would highly recommend this course, so excellently prepared as ever, by Gabrielle."

Small and mighty

If you’re thinking 10 minutes isn’t enough time for you to really feel more calm and joy let me introduce you to the idea of marginal gains – making tiny improvements that over time make a huge difference.

It’s marginal gains – tweaking and improving by 1% – that took British Cycling from mediocrity to dominating the sport with astonishing success – from one gold medal in nearly 100 years of Olympics to 66 gold Olympic and Paralympic medals within 10 years. 

We’re not aiming for world domination here, this is simply about setting you on the path to infusing your day with more calm and joy.

Folk better at maths than me have worked out that if you can get better (for us that’s feel more calm and joy) by 1% each day for a year you’ll end up 37 times better (feel more calm and joy) by the end of the year.

Remember, we’re keeping this doable – a year feels like waaaaay too overwhelming, right?! However, having a set length of time gives you parameters to work within, it requires a commitment which creates accountability which makes it more likely you’ll stick to it. We can treat this as an experiment for a specific period of time, there’s no daunting, long-term tie-in to weigh you down.

The Calm & Joy Catalyst – 1% in 100 days

Spend 1%, aka 10 minutes, of each day for 100 days intentionally creating calm and joy for yourself.

100 days is long enough to really have an impact and short enough to not be overwhelming. 

With 100 days you’re committing to yourself. Because that’s what this is really all about. 


Deciding that you deserve (and are allowed) to feel the calm and joy that you want AND taking 10 minutes a day to actively create and claim it.

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(If a voice inside your head is shouting ‘selfish!’ at you remember that your emotions are contagious – your calm and joy will rub off on the people you come into contact with. And you know what you’re like around your family, friends and colleagues when you feel calm and happy compared to when you’re fraught and frazzled, right?)

"I completely underestimated how much difference this small change would make. It has proved a valuable tool and sharing with others from the group has been an enriching experience. Catalyst is definitely the right word for this course as the confidence to pause for ten minutes is spreading calm throughout my day."
Helen Hodgson

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What difference would it make to you to feel more calm and joy each day?

Calm is our equilibrium, it’s where we feel stable, safe and secure. The more that we’re able to return to our natural state the more we are in tune with ourselves. We’re aligned with our values, resilient, confident, balanced and compassionate. 

When you’re calm: 

  • you can consider your response and act confidently
  • you feel clearer and more sure about the decisions you make
  • you cope better when life gets bumpy
  • you’re more able to honour your boundaries and say what you feel, want and need
  • you’re kinder, more patient and compassionate to yourself as well as other people

Connecting with the joyful part of ourselves allows us to feel lighter, freer, be more creative, optimistic and present. 

It means: 

  • you’re more playful, light-hearted and have fun
  • you find the hope and possibilities in tricky situations
  • you have a rounded perspective and come up with solutions
  • you drop the comparison and feel more contentment and peace

We aren’t the only ones to benefit from experiencing more calm and joy on a daily basis. Everyone you come into contact with will be positively affected by a calmer, more joyful you.

Build your self-trust

The benefit you gain from consistently taking 10 mins action to feel more calm and joy each day for 100 days isn’t simply feeling more calm and joy. By making this choice, by making this commitment and seeing it through, you will significantly increase and strengthen your self-trust.

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Because each day you spend that 1% on creating calm and joy you’re proving to yourself that you can show up for yourself. You can rely on you. 

You learn to trust in yourself each and every day. 

And when you trust in yourself…

  • …you know that you can cope with whatever comes your way
  • …when you get things wrong or make mistakes you know you’ll be okay
  • …you’re kinder and more compassionate with yourself
  • …you listen to your intuition and know what’s truly right for you
  • …you have greater clarity and confidence in your decisions and actions

Greater self-trust isn’t even the main goal of The Calm & Joy Catalyst – it’s just a wonderful by-product!

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This is The Calm & Joy Catalyst because it’s jumpstarting your calmer, more joyful life

You choose what you do with your 10 minutes each day. You don’t have to do the same thing for 100 days, you can try as few or as many different ideas as you like. I’ll suggest a wide variety of actions to give you inspiration. By trying different actions you’re much less likely to get bored or perfectionist about picking the perfect right thing. 

It gives you the opportunity to experiment and try, if it turns out that one thing one day wasn’t that joyful that’s okay, because the next day you can try something else. By trying different things, by experimenting, you will come up with a long list of what gives you, specifically, calm and joy that takes only 1% of your day. 

"Since starting The Calm & Joy Catalyst it has become second nature to me to look out for and embrace joyful and calm moments every day! I’ve even taken up horse riding again because the Catalyst reminded me how much I enjoy it."
Nicole Cameron

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Worried you won’t keep a clean sheet of 100 days, that missing a day will mean you’ve failed?

You’re human, not a machine and yes, you might not be completely consistent and you might miss a day or more. That’s not as important as you might think. What really matters is what you do next. 

Acknowledging that you missed a day and choosing to show up for yourself the next day is what’s important. Deciding to keep going, to try again, however many times you slip – that’s what matters. 

That’s your commitment to yourself, that’s what will give you more calm and joy and that’s what will build your self-trust. 

Karen Johnston shares her experience of The Calm & Joy Catalyst

Sarah Bishop shares her experience of The Calm & Joy Catalyst

Who The Calm & Joy Catalyst is for

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  • You want to slow down the busyness and catch your breath
  • You want to feel more centred, grounded and in control
  • You want to have more energy, optimism and enthusiasm
  • You want to take better care of yourself without feeling guilty
  • You want to prove to yourself that you can create a positive habit and stick with it
  • You want to feel stronger and more sure of yourself
  • You want to feel lighter, more present and have more fun

Why join The Calm & Joy Catalyst?

It can be hard to feel calm or joyful when you’ve got a lot going on, time just seems to pass by while you feel busy, stressed and worn out. 

By joining in The Calm & Joy Catalyst you’re taking a powerful step to infusing your daily life, the life that you’re living in right now, with more calm and joy so that you feel more peace, ease, contentment and happiness.

By the end of The Calm & Joy Catalyst you will: 

  • be equipped with a bank of actions that give you calm and joy in just 10 minutes
  • have greater self-trust built by showing up for yourself day after day on this journey (including if you miss days)
  • be experiencing more calm and joy every day
  • recognise how you feeling calmer and more joyful positively affects your interactions and relationships with other people
  • notice the ripple effect of your calm and joy on the people around you
  • have jumpstarted your calmer, more joyful life

Past participants have shared how being a part of The Calm & Joy Catalyst…

  • increased their sense of self-worth and self-confidence
  • built their self-belief and self-trust
  • strengthened their connection to their intuition and self-compassion

"Prioritising calm and joy, prioritising something for myself felt uncomfortable at first. Now I see it as vital to my wellbeing AND the wellbeing of those around me. I am nicer to be around, I feel less resentful toward my obligations because I allow myself some of the fun in and amongst them." 
I’m better able to recognise what really needs doing today on my improbable to-do list and what can wait – yes, I can have 10 minutes of calm and joy AND still get the important work done."

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"I really enjoyed the Catalyst – opening and reading Gabrielle’s emails each morning became a mini ritual in itself, and gave me a moment of pause before I got going for the day. The ideas and suggestions were a wonderful mix, and gave me the inspiration to explore my own definitions of calm and joy, and the different, personal ways I can bring more of them to my life."

A bit about me

gabrielle treanor sat at her desk

I'm Gabrielle and I help caring, empathetic, sensitive women to feel calm, peaceful, confident and, ultimately, happier.

As an empathetic introvert and lifelong overdoing people-pleaser I have been on a long journey of discovery to feel calmer and trust myself, to experience more joy and ease each day.

As a certified international life and positive psychology coach I have supported individuals and organisations such as The Prince’s Trust, CareFirst, Design Nation and Choose to be Healthy Coalition in the US, for more than six years.

As a writer I have written for and being featured in many magazines such as Psychologies, Breathe, The Simple Things, Happy News and the Daily Express newspaper. 

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I host the Pressing Pause podcast, I’ve been interviewed as a guest on other podcasts and invited to speak at events. Through my one to one coaching, online courses and workshops I've helped more than 2,100 women find more space, peace, calm and joy in their daily lives.

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