Calm Comfort:
a free restorative workshop
(aka a hibernacle*)

This workshop is no longer available. Click here to check out available online courses.

2021 has been a LOT. And on top of the year that was 2020. So it's no wonder that we're feeling in need of some calm and comfort.

Join me for a gentle, soothing pause where we'll bring the stress, the busyness, the noise of the world down a few notches.

Wrap yourself in a blanket, pour yourself a mug of something hot and delicious, and join me in practising a little self-conservation.

Together we'll look at:

  • why it's a struggle to find calm and comfort
  • how we can feel comforted and soothed
  • and how to create more calm in our days
calm comfort workshop

*It will be a hibernacle – a mini winter retreat where we forget about the world outside for just a little while.

We'll gather online and your camera and microphone will be switched off so you won't be seen or heard on screen.

This will be a completely relaxing, soothing, comforting and calm 45-60 minutes that will last well beyond our time together.

I'm really looking forward to gathering with you, I hope you'll join me.

“I feel a lot calmer and happier than I have in a long time. Knowing that Gabrielle understands, has been through it herself, and writes from the heart helps.”
– Becky

A bit about me

I help caring, empathetic, big-hearted women who feel overwhelmed by everything they have to and are expected to do, who feel like they're not in control of their own lives any more, to feel calm, present, confident and, ultimately, happier.

Through my range of online courses and workshops I've helped more than 2,100 people to ditch the overwhelm and find more joy.

As an empathetic introvert and lifelong overdoing people-pleaser myself I have spent years learning, experimenting and practising the teachings of positive psychology to discover how I could feel more relaxed and present, more in control and really enjoy my life in my own way.

It's because of this research and direct experience, along with training to become a certified life coach, that I'm able to empower you to experience more joy and ease each day.

gabs sep 2021