Breaking rules to take off the pressure

Breaking rules to take off the pressure

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There can be a lot of cloak and dagger mystery in business and as I’m making a change to a big part of my work I wanted to be upfront and honest with you about it.

So, I started The Calm Mind Club in July 2019 with the intention of helping you to overcome your overwhelm and feel more calm, in control and happier.

So that you can leave work on time rather than staying late because you think you should. So that you can keep your cool when the kids are squabbling for the 47th time today. So that you can confidently and kindly say no when you feel under pressure to say yes when you really don’t want to.

And in the two years and a couple of months since the volume of content and resources has grown and grown.

breaking rules to take off the pressure

And I’m really proud of what’s in the Club – there are 21 different topics looking at challenges like saying no without the guilt, worrying what people think, taking better care of yourself, people-pleasing, boundaries, handling change, the fear of getting things wrong, to name just a few. And you have the option to read or listen to recordings of me reading the content to you, you can watch videos on each topic, download workbooks and more.

We have interviews with 18 fantastically knowledgable and inspiring guests with expertise in different areas of wellbeing. There are the recordings of 27 Q&A sessions, guided meditations and many more resources.

Plus everyone in The Calm Mind Club gets access to bonuses including special offers on coaching and my range of online courses.

There is so much in the Club to support you to living life in the way you want to, the way that feels good for you, without the overwhelm, the exhaustion, the pressure of expectation. But I’m aware that on top of this amazing library of resources, adding new content along with live sessions and a community space can feel more like pressure than support.

Feeling the 'shoulds'

The women who are attracted to what I share around swapping overwhelm for calm and joy are caring, diligent and responsible – if you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’re nodding along with this – and I know there can be a tendency to feel that you ‘should’ keep up with what’s offered to you.

So there can be a feeling of pressure that when you join something like The Calm Mind Club you need to stay on top of the new content, attend the lives, watch the recordings, join in the community. Even though I make it super clear that there’s zero pressure from me I know that just having those elements is enough to make you feel it. Which means feelings of overwhelm rise up when you’re trying to bring down your overwhelm!

I created The Calm Mind Club to be a source of information, inspiration, guidance, ideas and actions to support you to feel more in control of your life so you can feel calmer and happier.

And now I’m making changes to keep that intention front and centre.

What's changing

The topics, the resources, everything inside the Club is staying there for members to re-read, re-listen to, re-explore as many times as they need to, because we all need to go over and over this stuff, it’s not a one and done thing!

What’s changing is that to remove any opportunity to feel pressure the only new content will be when I create a new workshop or course and members will have access to it either for free or at a significant discount, because they’re in The Calm Mind Club.

I’m also waving goodbye to the live sessions and community space so there’s no pressure to feel you ‘should’ be joining in. These are elements which are common in memberships or subscriptions and so for me to not have them is kind of breaking the rules. I’m going against convention and doing things differently to how these things are ‘supposed’ to be run.

And, as I’m sharing everything here, I’ll tell you that I thought long and hard about making these changes precisely because I feel like I’m breaking the rules, and as someone with a lot of good girl conditioning who always tried to follow the rules, it’s been challenging to me to be okay with doing things differently. But The Calm Mind Club isn’t about me. It’s about you and what’s of most support to you.

You're what matters

What matters is that The Calm Mind Club supports you in actively lowering your overwhelm and empowering you to feel more calm, in control and, ultimately, happier.

And when an element of that is stopping rather than supporting, it needs to go.

I will still be providing direct support to everyone in The Calm Mind Club through monthly Q&As where you can pick my brain. But instead of the Q&As being live at a specific time, which can feel like a pressure, you send in your questions and I record the Q&A session – pressure gone. And the recording lives in the Club along with all the rest, there for you to watch whenever you choose.

Netflix for the mind

The best way I can describe The Calm Mind Club is that it’s like Netflix for the mind – it’s a subscription where you can pick and choose from the wide range of topics, interviews, Q&As, meditations, workbooks – all the resources – whenever you choose, with no pressure.

There’s no keeping up and no falling behind.

You’re in control. You choose how and when you access the resources of The Calm Mind Club to suit you.

Because that’s what I know you’re looking for. To stop feeling like you’re pulled in a million directions with expectations to meet, trying not to let anyone down and wanting to get everything right. You want help, support, inspiration, guidance, practical tools and actions, that you can turn to when you want it, when you need it, when you choose.

So when you’re having a wobble because something went wrong at work you’ve got somewhere to turn to. When your friend is angling for you to do them a favour and you don’t know how to get out of it you’ve got somewhere to go. When you’re feeling frazzled because your work, your family, your friends – everyone wants a piece of you and you’ve had enough, you’ve got a place where you can find yourself again.

That’s always been my intention with The Calm Mind Club and, as the volume of incredible content has grown over time I’m making these changes to make sure that it continues to be the most supportive place you can go to bring down your overwhelm, and feel calmer, more in control, confident you can cope, and happier.

The doors to The Calm Mind Club are open now

And so I’m opening the doors to the Club so that you can subscribe and get your very own Netflix for the mind. As well as a monthly subscription I’ve added two new annual and lifetime options so you can take your pick as to what will work best for you.

The Club is open to join for the next couple of weeks and this will be the last time the doors are open this year. I open up the Club to new joiners a few times a year not because of some sleazy scarcity marketing tactic but because this kind of launching takes time and energy. So when the doors are closed I can focus on providing valuable support rather than talking about the support.

So, if you’d like to find out more about The Calm Mind Club and how you’ll benefit from everything it has to help you to overcome your overwhelm, to deal with things like people-pleasing, boundaries, comparison and handling change, to build your self-belief and self-trust, your resiliency and confidence, so that you can feel more calm, in control and happier, go to All the information is there, including what members think of the Club, and of course you can always message me if you have any questions.

So there we have it, exactly what’s going on with The Calm Mind Club – no pressure, no overwhelm, just lots and lots of support from me to you.

You can go to to find out more and join.

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