Be Here Now – a practical guide to living mindfully is open now

Be Here Now – a practical guide to living mindfully is open now


I'm so thrilled to announce that my new e-course, Be Here Now – a practical guide to living mindfully, is open for registration!

Through this course I will show you, with practical actions, how you can experience more joy, meaning and contentment in your life by living more mindfully, being more aware of what’s going on in and around your life, and paying closer attention to how you feel and interact with the world.

Be Here Now starts on Monday 12 September and in the three week course you will learn how to:
• Be kinder to yourself in your words and actions
• Have more positive and meaningful connections and relationships with family, friends and work colleagues
• Establish healthy boundaries with your use of digital devices and attitude towards social media
• Increase your enjoyment of your home and local environment
• Focus your time and energy on what you find fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable
• Cope better with, and reduce, feelings of anxiety, worry and fear
• Increase the contentment, meaning and happiness you feel every day
You will also be able to connect in the private Facebook group for inspiration and support, and you get a complete e-book of the course at the end too!

You can find out more and register for Be Here Now here, I would love you to join me.

Kind words:
“Since meeting Gabrielle, she has impacted my life in such a positive way, from her brilliant courses, to simply being a great example of living a connected, conscious and contented life and much more in between. In June I took part in her course ‘A Thankful Heart’ and learnt to look for the positives in everyday life, that you so often forget to notice.
“Gabrielle has also shared lots of techniques and ideas which have not only helped me overcome challenges this past year through stressful times, but have also brought my family closer together. Through uncertain times in the news and media she is conscious to not fuel the fire of worry and instead to share how we can make it through whatever life throws at us with strength and with peace in our hearts.
“What makes Gabrielle truly unique, though, is her kind manner and a way with words that acknowledges feelings without adding to worry, and instead encouraging you to find the best in a situation, and delighting with you when you do. What an inspiration this woman is.” – Amanda

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