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Overdoing overthinkers are welcome here

When you’re doing ALL the things – taking care of everything, keeping everyone happy and desperately trying not to drop the ball – your mind is in overdrive going round in circles rehashing the past, what if-ing the future and striving to keep a grip on it all.

You feel like you're trapped on a hamster wheel and you just want to get off so you can catch your breath.

You’re not alone. I understand that frazzled, overwhelmed feeling and I'm here to support you to calm your stressed nerves so you can feel more ease, contentment and joy in your life right now.




Calm Mind

“Gabrielle has impacted my life in such a positive way, from her brilliant courses, to simply being a great example of living a connected, conscious and contented life and much more in between. What makes Gabrielle truly unique is her kind manner and a way with words that acknowledges feelings without adding to worry, and instead encouraging you to find the best in a situation, and delighting with you when you do.”
– Amanda

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A little bit about me

I’m Gabrielle and I’m The Overthinkers' Coach as well as a writer and teacher.

I'm here to help free you from the overwhelming stresses of a busy mind and busy life that get in the way of you feeling the joy, ease and contentment you really want…

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The Worry Less & Enjoy Life More with Gabrielle Treanor private Facebook group is a warm, supportive space for overthinkers to gather.

“I now feel like I am not alone, that there is someone out there who really understands what being an overthinker feels like and how it can impact on your life. Thanks Gabrielle, so much!”
– Lucy

Pressing Pause is the podcast for overthinkers
The Pressing Pause Podcast

In these 10 mins or less episodes I give you inspiration, ideas and actions to overthink and worry less and enjoy life more

“Gabrielle offers thoughtful, wise and alternative ways to rethink a situation and turn every negative into a positive. She allows me to feel and express my emotions with patience and with no judgement. Gabrielle is a beacon of happiness within my life.”
– Danielle