Life is not just for living, it’s for thriving. There are proven actions we can take to unlock the joy that’s within us and make the most of each day. It doesn’t need to involve big, radical changes, scientific research and studies have found methods that everyone can employ to improve their wellbeing and feel greater life satisfaction. It’s these methods and systems that I share with you in my online courses. By giving you the knowledge, the reasoning behind it and the tools to implement, I put the power into your own hands to thrive in your life the way you want to.

7 Days of Happiness Course
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Bloom gives you a little taste of my online courses. The week-long course is delivered in seven emails, one a day, and includes challenges, gratitude prompts and a recorded meditation.
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Be Here Now
Be Here Now

Practising mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, calm the mind and increase the enjoyment and appreciation we feel each day. In this three-week course I’ll show you how to bring mindfulness into your life every day, in practical ways, and by doing so enjoy your relationships, increase your wellbeing, experience greater happiness and feel more contentment in your life.
This course will next run later in 2017

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“The Be Here Now course has helped me make changes in my day to day life which is helping me cope better with stress. Gabrielle’s emails are easy to follow and enjoyable to read and convey her passion for the subject. Its also been a good introduction to meditation. I’d recommend the course to anyone looking to live more mindfully.”Joanna

A Thankful Heart Course
A Thankful Heart

Being grateful and expressing gratitude is the keystone of living a life of happiness and contentment. It takes 21 days to build a habit so this three-week course will enable you to create a gratitude practice that will become your happiness habit. Just a few minutes each day is needed to positively impact your life, open your eyes to the good around you and increase your happiness.
This course is currently closed for registration.

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“Since meeting Gabrielle, she has impacted my life in such a positive way, from her brilliant courses, to simply being a great example of living a connected, conscious and contented life and much more in between. In June I took part in her course ‘A Thankful Heart’ and learnt to look for the positives in everyday life, that you so often forget to notice.
“Gabrielle has also shared lots of techniques and ideas which have not only helped me overcome challenges this past year through stressful times, but have also brought my family closer together. Through uncertain times in the news and media she is conscious to not fuel the fire of worry and instead to share how we can make it through whatever life throws at us with strength and with peace in our hearts.
“What makes Gabrielle truly unique, though, is her kind manner and a way with words that acknowledges feelings without adding to worry, and instead encouraging you to find the best in a situation, and delighting with you when you do. What an inspiration this woman is.”Amanda
Choosing Happiness Course
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Happiness is a choice we can make each and every day. Around 40% of our happiness potential is determined by how we choose to approach life, how we perceive, react to and deal with life’s challenges.
If you’d like to bring more joy and contentment into your everyday and build resilience to cope with life’s ups and downs, this is the course for you. During the four-week long course I share with you the science behind happiness psychology as well as strategies, methods, and actions for you to increase the contentment and happiness you feel.
This course is currently closed for registration.

“I really enjoyed the Choosing Happiness e-course – it’s full of interesting material and loads of practical suggestions on how to consciously choose happiness. Not only that, but Gabrielle’s enthusiasm and passion for her subject are really inspiring! I look forward to implementing the strategies outlined in the course, and would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to live a happier life.”Liz
The Warm Embrace Course
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The Warm Embrace is about you and for you. It’s a seven-day e-course where you are invited to spend just a little bit of time focusing your attention not on work or family or friends or the dog, but on you.
It’s about starting 2017 saying no to strict diets and long lists of resolutions.
It’s about saying yes to nourishing yourself, enjoying life and starting this year with a little patience and kindness for yourself.
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“This was wonderful to receive in my inbox, and it genuinely felt like someone cared!”Pragya